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Adelaide’s West End has really stepped up its bar and restaurant game over the past few years. When people think of this bustling pocket in the city, the first place that comes to mind is often Peel Street. But friends — there’s another charming little laneway who’s waving modestly at you from behind Peel Street’s impressive shadow. Her name is Leigh Street and for those not familiar with her, she’d like to introduce herself.

Leigh Street runs parallel to Peel Street and let me tell you, she has JUST as many hot bars and restaurants bursting out from under her pretty little belt! Leigh Street is usually a bit of a quiet achiever — but today, she’s comin’ out of the kitchen, ‘cause there’s something she wants to say to you. Hey!!!

This sista is doin’ it for herself. Just have a look at what she’s got to offer and you’ll see what I mean.


This award-winning Japanese restaurant incorporates ancient traditions of Japanese Yakitori blending smoke, steam and fire to create delicate dishes that truly speak for themselves. This smokey little lady is open every night for dinner and from Thursday to Sunday for lunch as well.

Image Credit :: Shobosho

Fugazzi Bar & Dining Room

This New York inspired Italo-American Bar and Dining room has become an Adelaide institution, and it’s not hard to see why. I mean, their Gnocco Fritto (fancy word for fried bread) with whipped ricotta and honey would be up there as one of my death row dishes. I’d die even happier if the rest of their menu followed!

Image Credit :: Fugazzi

Udaberri Pintxos Y Vino

Get uber-merry at Udaberri. This mood-lit wine bar offers Spanish eats and fancy drinks and is open every night until late. Perfect for a pre-dinner drink or night-cap.

Image Credit :: Udaberri

Plain Jane Adelaide

Tapas, cocktails, live music and dancing — you’ll get it all at Plain Jane. This lovely lady hibernates through the week and saves herself for Friday and Saturday nights only. She’s more of a ‘quality over quantity’ kinda gal… and the irony is — there’s nothing ‘plain’ about her.

Image Credit :: Plain Jane

Pink Moon Saloon – Bar and Cocktails

Pink Moon Saloon’s aim is to provide a warm, welcoming and unpretentious environment to catch up with friends and enjoy great drinks. And when they say great drinks — their drinks menu speaks for itself! Buckle up cowgirls!

Image Credit :: Pink Moon Saloon


From its food and drinks to its music and art, Casablabla is a venue that celebrates multiculturalism. An evening here will have you feeling like you’re somewhere exotic and will likely have you up and dancing to eclectic music from around the globe.

Image Credit :: Casablabla

Leigh Street Wine Room

This cosy wine bar is a mashup of the intimate bars and lively dens of Paris, Rome and New York. Surround yourself with an eclectic mix of art, rich textures, simple but delicious meals and a list of 400+ wines to boot. Whether you’re in for a three course meal or just a bottle of vino with a friend or loved one — Leigh Street Wine Room has you covered.

Image Credit :: Leigh Street Wine Room

Leigh Street Luggage

This European inspired wine, amaro and cocktail bar will have you sorted from 4pm until late every day. They also have drink specials between 4 – 6pm from Monday to Friday. What a perfect place for a knock-off bevy!

Image Credit :: Leigh St Luggage


Hidden behind Leigh Street Luggage, this moody red-lit cocktail bar gives off grungy underground vibes but without the seediness and grime! They serve all the classic drinks, but really specialise in cocktails. Soak it all up with one of their gourmet toasties — no need to grab a dirty yiros on the way home!

Image Credit :: Nevermind

The Corner Bistrot

This Authentic French Bistro will have you thinking you’re in Paris with its French music, decor and traditional dishes. Chef and owner Vic Larosa trained and worked in France for six years before returning and opening The Corner Bistrot. His passion and love for food will make it an experience to remember. Oui oui!

Image Credit :: The Corner Bistrot

MAY Q Korean Restaurant & Bar

MAY Q offers Korean dining in a casual, relaxed setting. Great service and a friendly atmosphere complement the unique and delicious flavours that will leave you wanting more.

Image Credit :: MAY Q Korean Restaurant

Kintaro Sushi

Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, Kintaro Sushi is a quick, easy and affordable place to get your sushi fix without the fuss of having to make a reservation. They have over 10 locations around Adelaide, and one of them is conveniently situated on Leigh Street.

Image Credit :: Kintaro Sushi

Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen Ramen serves up authentic ramen noodle soups as well as other Japanese favourites. Quick, easy, affordable and open for lunch and dinner every day except Sunday.

Image Credit :: Phil Tad

Power up Bar

If you want to experience something different, this retro-game themed bar offers unique cocktails, Japanese draft beer and old school gaming. Open from 7pm until late on Fridays and Saturdays.

Image Credit :: Power Up Bar

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