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Lights, camera, confidence! 

Learning theatre skills at a young age has a positive impact on all areas of life. It teaches children creativity, perseverance and teamwork, and improves their all-round self-confidence. These attributes subsequently help them thrive in many aspects of life such as social situations, public speaking and future job opportunities. Theatre Bugs is the largest performing arts school in South Australia. Their team of passionate teachers takes great pride in nurturing the individual child to bring out their best and encourage them to bloom. Despite what people think, theatre classes are not just suited to extroverts. Whether your child thrives in the limelight or prefers to blend into the background, Theatre Bugs provides the perfect environment for kids to challenge themselves and practise confidence- building life skills — all while having an enormous amount of fun. There’s a place on stage for every child at Theatre Bugs!

Acting, singing and dancing classes

Theatre Bugs’ wide range of classes are carefully designed to suit children aged one to twelve. Your child will be introduced to the magical world of acting, music, movement and song with these weekly classes while building self-esteem and friendships in the process. For children over the age of 12, Adelaide Theatre Academy provides programs in acting, singing and dancing, which are specifically tailored to older performers. Former student Erin, 16, says, “Over the years I’ve attended Theatre Bugs, I’ve developed so many new skills and friendships, and discovered my passion. I will always look back and know that Theatre Bugs helped shape and educate me”.

School holiday programs

Mini Bugs is a three-hour program for three to seven-year-olds. It includes imaginative play and a dance that is presented to family and friends at the end of the session. The Junior Holiday Program is a five-day workshop where students rehearse a musical theatre play, create their own set and props, and then perform the show for friends and family at the end of the week. “It’s always amazing to see what these young people can achieve in only five days,” says Michael Eustice, Managing Director. The school holiday programs are taught by friendly and encouraging teachers and are the perfect way to keep boredom at bay. “It’s great to see the kids really involved in something where they don’t have to win or be the best. Instead, the kids just have fun and enjoy the moment while learning and developing skills, confidence and self-esteem,” says Michael.


Theatre Bugs students are involved in at least two performances each year, which often involve special costumes, lights and sets, and for students aged seven years and over, performing in a large professional theatre venue. It’s the real deal. In addition, there are opportunities to participate in other exciting events such as TV work, charity concerts, Adelaide Fringe events, Christmas pageants and more!

Private lessons

If your child is eager to progress quickly in singing, dancing or acting, these one- on-one lessons can help them achieve their goals. They’re perfect for students wanting to improve their skills in a specific area, prepare for an upcoming audition or even just for those who want to build their confidence in performing in front of a group. Theatre Bugs will help your child grow and build the confidence they need to tackle the challenging situations they will encounter in life.



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