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Nobody is more dedicated to your face than Rose.

When it comes to skincare, most of us are stuck in the same routine using the same old products that we discovered in high school — hello, cheap moisturiser! But let’s face it, as we add more candles to the birthday cake, our faces ain’t what they used to be.

Each new age bracket brings new challenges with it — so we need to treat our skin accordingly. I’m pretty sure we all share the same goal though — to maintain a youthful glow well into our golden years. Forty is the new thirty, am I right?

Our friend Rose, owner of Elixir Skin Fitness, is a Dermal Therapist and has studied skin for most of her adult life. She genuinely cares about helping people learn to love their faces.

“I want to educate people about their skin and help them through every stage of their life so they can step through each bracket with confidence and knowledge.”

Her holistic approach goes beneath the surface as she looks at how your overall health and lifestyle can affect your skin. With her brand new clinic on Norwood Parade she’s created a beautiful space to help both men and women through each stage of their lives.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson

So enough from me, here’s Rose to enlighten us with her skin fitness tips for every age…


Partying, drinking, lying in the sun, eating junk food and not getting enough sleep are all commonplace and completely normal in your twenties. Unfortunately, all these things lead to premature ageing and fine lines might start appearing. You might also be on contraception or take medication, plus studies or work may cause high stress and mental health challenges which can cause your skin to do crazy things, like reacting with breakouts.

I’ve put together a treatment plan that’s designed around prevention, skin education, a healthy clean diet, exercise, probiotics, and supplements for gut and skin health.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson


These are commonly your baby-making years. Many women will stop contraception and start planning for a family in their thirties — hormonal changes, pregnancy and the effect of years of contraception on your gut health can result in breakouts.

Anxiety, depression, stress and fatigue can show up for new mums, or due to career and personal circumstances. This will start to be visible in your skin, with fine lines, darkness under your eyes, a dull complexion, and your skin may lack a natural glow.

I design skin treatment plans for my clients with healthy ageing, gut health and diet in mind. These focus on procedures that detoxify skin, rebuild collagen, repair skin barrier function, and counteract the effect of hormonal changes during this time of life.

40 plus

Sun damage rears its ugly head! How you looked after your skin and body in your twenties sets up your skin and gut health for your forties and beyond. Your skin will show the signs of your lifestyle at this age including the effects of sugar, alcohol, dairy and gluten consumption, as well as the quality of skin care products you’ve used. You’ll begin to notice volume loss and you may think injectables are your only answer.

But treatments that focus on repairing skin tissue, damaged cells, skin functionality and rebuilding collagen create healthy ageing skin moving forward. Addressing gut health and diet also help the skin to adjust to hormonal changes for men and women that naturally occur in this age bracket and give the skin a youthful look.

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Say “I do” to the Bridal Suite

Elixir is introducing a brand new Bridal Suite to help get your skin ‘wedding ready’, so you’re glowing perfectly when it comes time to say “I Do”. Ask Rose for all the goss on this exciting new addition to Elixir Skin Fitness.

Hayley xx


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