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We’ve just had the most magical day ever, and guess what? You can too!

A short cross-ocean trip away is Gastronomo, which has found itself at home at our next door neighbours, Kangaroo Island. 

Haven’t heard of Gastronomo before? You’re forgiven, as it’s just officially opened TODAY. Its unlike anything else we’ve ever visited, because it’s a fine dining restaurant located right inside a 100+ year old fig tree. Set amongst the branches is an absolute wonderland, complete with enough fairy lights and quirks to truly transport you to the Enid Blyton novels of your childhood. 

We have no doubt that your unique experience will have its own incredible twists and turns, but for now, let us tell you what we discovered… 

The first step was getting across to Kangaroo Island. Tricky? Naaaah — either treat yourself to a direct flight or hop on the SeaLink ferry to make the trip to what is arguably our most resilient island. From there, head straight towards the renowned Lifetime Private Retreats — because that’s where you’ll find Gastronomo. 

Stop past the quaint Shearing Shed for a KIS gin, some local nibbles and quick look around, before wandering down to the Enchanted Fig Tree (make sure to stop along the way for a quick geezer at the mulberry tree). 

The Fig Tree entrance is truly delightful, and stepping amongst the foliage and fairy lights sets the tone for everything you’re about to experience. Day or night you will have the most amazing magical feast. 

All of the gin and wine is sourced locally, and the food is native Australian. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so take this as an essay describing the brilliance of the food and the flavour combos…

Another hot tip from your local tour guides (us) — ask the staff to point you in the direction of the pearly white Snellings Beach and check out the Taverna, a coastal shack with the best views of the beach. 

What you’re really there for is the vibe, which can be described as magical, beautiful, unique, earthy, and a little bit fancy — all at once. 

And trust us, pics can’t do this place justice. We have seen beautiful photos of the Fig Tree a million times before but our breaths were still taken away from the moment we entered. This iconic setting can seat 55 people at a time, but make sure to book in advance and prepare to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll leave believing in magic. 

Millie + Lauren xx 


Millie Looker

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