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By Ryan Burgess

Ahhhh Adelaide. Radelaide. Radders. Etc.

We’re fiercely loyal when other people talk s**t about it, yet it’s completely fine for US to talk s**t about it, right? In saying that, the s**t talk, I feel, has greatly diminished over the last few years with the burst of awesome new restaurants and bars and just a general boost in the “cool factor”.

I moved away six months ago and man, did I take a lot for granted about this fine city!

So, here are 23 things I didn’t expect to miss about Adelaide!

1. Everything being 20 minutes away. Except of course Noarlunga to Paralowie but who does that on the reg? Other cities are far bigger and much more congested so NO THANKS.

2. Our beaches. Standard and cliche, I know, but seriously — they’re some of the best in the world.

3. The weather. Yeah, Winter can suck a fat one but in Summer we’ve got delicious blue skies and in fact, what’s called a MEDITERRANEAN CLIMATE. Did you know that? (One of the few places in the world).

4. Things like FruChocs, Balfours and Cafe de Vili’s at 2am. In America where I am now, they sell FruChocs for like $15 a bag.

5. People asking what school you went to. It’s like getting a phone bill. You know it’s coming and it’s kinda annoying when you get it. It happens usually when you first meet someone, but in actual fact, the reason I miss it is because you’re bound to know the school and someone who went there.

6. Knowing where the Malls Balls, Pigs, HJ’s on Rundle and TTP all are for when you make plans and lock in somewhere to meet. No GPS required.

7. Schnitzel challenges.

8. The Fringe and the feeling you get when you find an epic free park close to the Garden.

9. Your whole group deciding to bail on the bar you’re at and head straight for the Casino.

10. The Wang Wang and Funi updates leading news bulletins. Living away now I’ll have to actively SEARCH for it.

11. BREAKFAST. An English fry-up and an American Heart Attack on a plate DO NOT compare to delicious breakfasts at awesome places in Adelaide. My personal favourite, Eggs Benny at MODISH5… sorry about your declining sales since my departure.

12. Wondering if my house has been connected to the NBN yet.

13. Knowing that I can go straight to Peter Van the Party Man for all my party supplies.

14. Sky High electricity prices. (NOT. Actually don’t miss AT ALL.)

15. Being a southern suburbanite and “bantering” with northern suburbanites you meet about which is better.

16. The Beachouse. You probably rarely go, but it’s nice to know you can if the mood strikes.

17. The “does anybody have any Showdown tickets they’re selling” posts on Facebook.

18. The big gamble on whether or not your favourite singer will include Adelaide on their tour and they ACTUALLY DO.

19. Shallot pancakes. These were a bigger part of my life than what I realised. And I miss them.

Image Credit :: @notquitenigella

20. When you add a new friend on Facebook and you’ve got MINIMUM 12 mutual friends.

21. The Adelaide Central Market. Kinda like The Beachouse. You don’t often go, but when you do you say “I need to come here more often”.

22. Mad March. Adelaide feels like New York at that time of year and there’s something fun about desperately trying to get a table at a restaurant on Rundle before catching a show or two.

23. Family. Chances are you’re the one who went and left them behind. Bet you miss them and appreciate them more since you left, huh? I certainly do!

See you soon you glorious church-filled city.


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Adelady Guest

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