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By Tori – She Wore Who

One of my all-time fave Winter 15′ picks is the chunky lace-up ankle boot. Totally versatile and utterly rad. (Think, Alexa Chung meets Daria.) These are my go-to grunge boots for when I wake up wanting to feel a little like Winona Rider in the mid 90s.

1969801_showcase_01I got my bad boys from Betts, they’re called REGRAM, and yeah, I’m pretty positive they’ll alter your life. But don’t stress, no REGRAM? No worries! Betts always have a killer collection of boots, even more so now that they’re stocking The Kardashian Kollection. If I can’t find anything at Betts, my back up is usually The Iconic! It’s like some kind of holy-grail website for online shopping.

Here’s my tips on how to style chunky lace-up boots :Boyfriend jeans vs. Skinny jeans.

Adelady; boyfriend jeans; she wore who



Ahhh boyfriend jeans, who doesn’t love them? (My boyfriend, that’s who!)

Adelady; boyfriend jeans; she wore who

Tips to styling these two together: 

1. Ensure your jeans are as close to a light acid wash as possible, this will allow the jeans and the boots to contrast and consequently, compliment each other.

2. If you’re a shortie like me, you’ll have to roll these up a couple of times in a ‘I did this with my eyes closed after three tequila shots’ kind of way. The messier the folds, the better. And always leave a small gap of skin between the boots and the jeans to avoid looking like you have legs the length of a Dachshund.

3. Decide if you want your outfit completed with a fitted, or an oversized top/jumper. The beauty of boyfriend jeans is that you get the choice of either.



Adelady; boyfriend jeans; she wore who

Tips to styling these two together:

1. If you’re a serial offender for rocking black skinny jeans, like me, opt for a pair of white skinnies with a small tear on or above the knees.

2. Roll them up, in an ‘I did this completely sober after a double shot espresso’ kind of way. When skinny jeans aren’t rolled properly, they can make your ankles look chunky, taking the slimming effect of the ankle boots away completely.

3. When wearing skinny jeans and a pair of big-ass grunge boots like these, you need the element of layering. Add a cool, graphic t-shirt or crop with a jacket, but stay within the boundaries of your colour scheme. Too many layers with too many colours can make things clash!

Follow these little tips and you can’t go wrong!

Boyfriend vs. Skinny, which do you gals prefer?

Tori x

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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