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Wait until you see this…

More beautiful than your wildest dreams, a luxury island utopia is waiting for you just 10 minutes off the coast from Port Lincoln.

Once an untamed sheep farm, Louth Island got its name in 1802 and is now well on its way to being SA’s only highend private island accommodation — Rumi on Louth. And it’s all thanks to founder and fierce protector, Che Metcalfe. “This island project isn’t just about the resort for me; it’s the restoration of the island that’s most important. We’re restoring it and making sure the development is sympathetic to the ecology of the island.”

The full Rumi experience will be ready in 2025. Twenty-seven eco villas, a private six-bed house for VIP guests, a second restaurant, observatory, yoga and meditation platforms, a natural billabong, a spa and access to the whole island — it’s a dream come true for Che, literally.

Future vision of Rumi 

“I grew up barefoot in North Queensland and I always said when I grow up, I’ll buy an island and go fishing every day. This one popped up by chance and after a year of negotiating, the family sold it to me. At first I thought I might just build a house on it but quickly realised how special it was and had to share it.” And a $40 million dollar commitment later, it’s happening. “At least if I do nothing else in my life, I’ve got somewhere to retire!”

But Che is inviting us all to come along for the journey with him, with the forthcoming launch of Rumi Reveal. Five luxurious rooms (four suites and one apartment) with an incredible restaurant and immersive island experiences to match. Imagine being taken around the island on a buggy or kayak tour, exploring the abundant native plants and wildlife on the island… or indulge in the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous by spending the entire day lazing about on your own private Odyssey Catamaran luxury cruise!

Whether you do a day tour or stay the night, all Rumi Reveal guests can be both thrillseeker and daydreamer, by filling your days with adventures and then slipping into a deep state of relaxation. “We want to give people a taste of what’s to come in 2025 and welcome our Foundation Members from the very beginning, so they come back time and time again, seeing their island grow and flourish each time.” Foundation Members will be the first to hear of new experiences, features and exclusive offers as they step through their journey to the full Rumi experience.

The ancient island can only be accessed by a private boat. Guests are chartered discretely to and from the mainland, so the second you step off the boat and sink your piggies into the powdery white sand, the switch goes off and you’re at one with nature.

Che is fully committed to the protection and preservation of the island and Rumi is 100 percent solar powered. In fact, they’re so off-grid that even the signature dish at their amazing restaurant is sourced daily from nearby waters. Recycling and composting are sacred practices to help preserve Louth Island’s pristine nature. The only footprints that guests leave are those on the sand. They, too, will disappear with the tide.

And just in case you’ve thought of hiring your own private island… you can! Whether you want to entertain a group of friends and family, or organise a corporate trip or private retreat, the Rumi team will work with you to create something extra special and exclusive.

Future vision of Rumi

It’s time to be part of something special from the get-go. Rumi Reveal is waiting for you…





Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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