Welcome to Kanti Yoga — a studio encouraging mindfulness, movement, kindness and community spirit.

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Founded by Naomi three years ago, Kanti has grown from a one-woman show to an inclusive space with 11 teachers, each leading their own unique classes suitable for all levels.

Naomi’s love affair with yoga started 13 years ago, her passion so contagious, even her first student is still a yogi at Kanti today.

Image credit :: Benjamin Liew

Kanti Yoga is designed with community in mind. Couches in the reception area encourage students to stay for a cup of tea, while the spacious studio’s sunset mural transports you to a tropical island.

Two deep breaths and stress fades. “It’s so important to find a space to simply breathe. You need the yin and the yang — the active and the passive,” Naomi says.

As well as a range of traditional yoga classes, Naomi offers free trauma-aware Frontline classes to current and retired policemen, fire fighters, nurses, doctors and servicemen. For girls aged 13 to 16, Kanti offers Teen Yoga classes that start with a casual chat, encouraging conversation about the pressures of being a teenage girl.

The studio really is a place for everyone, so don’t worry about your previous yoga experience or what your workout gear looks like — everyone is welcome in this friendly space.

Image credit :: Benjamin Liew


Need help deciphering which class is perfect for you? Here’s a rundown of the classes at Kanti Yoga.

Hatha :: Connects the body and mind with awareness and stability. Perfect for beginners.

Sun Series :: Start the day with breath and movement. Suits all levels.

Vinyasa :: All about the flow, this practice synchronises movement and breath. Move to Vinyasa 2 once you’ve built up the basics.

Yin :: Realign, stretch and strengthen your body. Perfect for beginners.

Yin/Yang :: Start with invigorating movement (yang), then move to long held stretches (yin). For all levels.

Restorative yoga :: Deeply relaxing with minimal physical exertion. For all levels.


Here’s your chance to give Kanti a go. Until 30 July 2020, for just $10, try unlimited classes at Kanti for 10 days. Head to their website and use the code ADELADY. (Available only for first-time visitors.)


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