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Jane Somers had worked for 14 years in the travel industry. Two life-changing events forced her to perform the perfect pivot… and she hasn’t looked back since!

In 2019, the Cudlee Creek Bushfires tore through Jane and her family’s 10 acre property in the small Adelaide Hills town of Brukunga. Volunteer groups in the area kindly donated some plants and trees to help rebuild what was lost which sparked an interest within Jane for propagating and raising seeds. A few months after the fire, the Covid 19 Pandemic began and Jane’s career in the travel industry was now at a standstill as well.

What in the carnation would she do?!

Well, during the pandemic, Jane spent a lot of time gardening and creating flower arrangements to keep herself busy and before long, her property was alive with colourful booms of various species. “The plants that were donated to us were a very eclectic mix and that’s sort of where my first little bunch of flowers came from,” says Jane. “I gave them as a gift to someone and they said, ‘wow, these are amazing, you should sell them!’ That’s what started it all.”

Soon enough, orders for her flower bunches began to roll in from florists, cafes and gift shops all across the Adelaide Hills.

And so, Big Sky Flower Farm was born!

Jane’s florals are renowned for their rustic ‘from the garden’ aesthetic. She uses seasonal blooms to create the most unique, eclectic and whimsical arrangements with the wide variety of flowers she has growing on her property.

Although 70 percent of her business has been wholesale up until now, Jane has gradually moved into the area of arranging her florals for events. She has a deep passion for working with a client to bring a concept to life. Whether it be a wedding, baby shower, hens night, Christmas party or corporate event, Jane has a flair for flowers that is guaranteed to bring fabulousness to any occasion!

For Adelady’s recent International Women’s Day event at the Pavilion at Carrick Hill, Jane generously donated her flowers… and boy did they light up the room! She absolutely nailed the brief and we could not be more delighted to share her talents with you! 

With the community’s increasing demand for Big Sky Flower Farm’s blooms, Jane has already added an extra 35 rows of flowers to her enchanted garden. As well as selling to wholesalers, florists and retails stores, Jane also does ‘made to order’ bunches, seasonal bloom buckets and offers the option of delivery to selected locations. There’s also a farm gate stall selling flowers from the roadside of their Brukunga property. 

Big Sky Flower Farm also offers a DIY ‘bouquet flower bar’ for hire where guests can get creative and make their own flower arrangements. Perfect for bridal showers, team building events, baby showers, birthday parties or workshops. What a fun way to let your imagination run wild with colourful blooms!

If you’re ever in need of some whimsical florals, whether for yourself, as a gift or for an event, Jane is someone we would recommend to bring your vision to life. She’s a bloomin’ legend in our eyes!



Carrie Raymond

Carrie Raymond

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