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 By @fooddiary_adl

You’ll never be h-angry with these guys! Hey Bianca is an online pizza shop specialising in authentic Napoli and Sicilian-style pizza delivered to your door,  in approx. 30 minutes!

These guys are my go-to pizza delivery for those nights when you’re craving a carb-fest and I promise, you’ll never be disappointed. Their pizza arrives HOT, yes you read that right, it arrives HOT! That’s because they manage their own deliveries! As part of their business objective, they want to ensure the customer experiences hot and fresh pizza straight from the oven… because let’s be honest, nobody likes a cold pizza (unless it’s the next day, then cold pizza is absolutely acceptable).

Hey Bianca do pizza their own way! Their naples style pizzas are cut into six slices and it’s recommended that you eat it with the ‘fold’ technique. This is where you pinch the edges of the pizza slice (so both left and right sides are touching) and once you’re satisfied with the degree to which your pizza is folded, take your first bite, before you start to drool… for some strange reason, this technique makes everything taste better!

As I am well-versed in the Hey Binaca menu, here are my hot tips:

For foodies who LOVE a touch of spice, you must try the Miele! Full of tomato, casalingo salami, asiago cheese and honey chilli, this is our go-to pizza every time. The flavours are so balanced and you get that hint of honey and a little burst of chilli too!

For meat lovers, you’ll love the Pepperoni! Stacked with tomato, fior di latte cheesepepperoni, mushrooms, kalamata olives and chilli, it’s to-die-for!

For fancy Adeladies, wrap your lips around the Boscaiola. With asiago cheese, mushrooms, fresh prosciutto,  basil and truffle paste, YES TRUFFLE!! Need I say more?

For sweet-toothed pizza lovers, if you think you’ve had a good dessert pizza before, then I challenge you to try Hey Bianca’s Malteser Calzone. Nothing will ever compare. It will wake you up in the middle of the night with intense cravings longing for the next time you can order it without feeling like an Oompa Loompa. The dough is slightly salty which balances the rich Nutella and banana filling. There are no words to explain this…. just wow.

Maria xx

Hey Bianca can be ordered online through their app. You can also visit their shop and order through the window but they don’t offer seating – its purely takeaway/delivery. You can find them here:

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