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What happens when you take the G out of a G&T? Not much actually, as proven by Twenty Third Street Distillery’s brand new baby!

The team at Twenty Third Street are determined to be your official thirst quencher, whether you choose to drink alcohol or not. That’s why this July, they launched their brand new Non-Alcoholic Signature G&T, all packaged up in a handy-dandy 330ml can. There’s no discrimination from this bunch — they’re simply keen to offer top-quality products to anyone and everyone that wants to drink them!

We know, it sounds hard to believe — an authentic tasting G&T, but without any of the alcohol to leave you feeling fuzzy. How in the world does that work?

Well, this is still an authentic distilled spirit that has gone through the same process as Twenty Third Street’s Signature Gin. But then, the masters behind the bevvy have gone on to decrease the alcohol more… and more… and more… until there’s no alcohol left! All that’s left behind is the great taste of their gin that we already know and love, mixed up with a sugar-free tonic.

So, we did some digging and found out everything you need to know about this new number on the no-alc shelves…


Every sip will deliver you a hit of master-distilled botanicals and Riverland citrus (yum), bubbling away with no-sugar sparkling tonic.

Only the good stuff

Twenty Third Street Distillery aren’t mucking around — this baby is sugar-free, gluten-free, has no artificial flavours, and is only 4.3 calories per can. Now, we’re not calorie counters around here… but JEEPERS CREEPERS that’s hardly any calories at all! Incredible.


The can itself looks like a party waiting to happen. Who needs alcohol to have fun when you’ve got a kaleidoscope of colour in your hand! The artwork was designed by Adelaide artist Claire Ishino, and is inspired by nature, words, thoughts, emotions and her love of colour, repetition and pattern. The vibrant blue has us desperate for summer days by the pool, Non-Alcoholic Signature G&T in hand.

Hunt it down

Twenty Third Street Distillery’s Non-Alcoholic G&T is available nationally from independent supermarkets and liquor stores, direct from the Distillery in Renmark, and online via Sippify.

Click away, lovers!



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