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Ahh, Betty’s Burgers — where every bite is a delight!

Just like everyone has a different taste in music or clothes, our tastebuds also know exactly how we like our burger. Tomato or no tomato? Ketchup only, or extra saucy? There are a million different combos and luckily, the legends at Betty’s Burgers are ready to serve up anything you like.

Every single burger is made to order, which means you can make your burger dreams come true. With simple food and uncomplicated ingredients, you can tweak any burger on the menu to suit your preferences, whether it’s an indulgent experience or bringing it back to basics.

And each restaurant reflects that flexible, go with the flow beach lifestyle that Betty’s is all about. Want to dine in and enjoy the summery, laid-back atmosphere? Great! Want to grab your burger to go and stuff your face in the privacy of your own home? You got it! There are no rules at Betty’s, as long as you’re happy.

If you’re just starting out on your burger-loving journey, ask the ultra-friendly team for their top picks — I’m a big fan of ordering the staff’s recommendation, it’s always a banger! In the meantime, we’ve got a few suggestions for you — just take your pick and get ready to feast your heart out.


Go for the burgers, but stay for the indulgent extras! Do yourself a huge favour and sample their rich and creamy frozen custard ice cream. You can keep it simple with their OG vanilla or chocolate flavours, or enjoy a scoop from their deluxe range, featuring chocolate raspberry lamington, vanilla coconut velvet or rich chocolate brownie. Picking a favourite is impossible!

And to wash it down, enjoy one of their decadent thick shakes, sip on a soft drink or splurge on a wine or beer — that’s right, Betty’s is licensed! Their Small Things Rosé served in a can is simply delightful when paired with the perfect burger bite, or enjoy one of their bespoke Betty’s Beers, made exclusively by our local friends at Pirate Life.


If you’re trying to stay low carb or keto, give the Bare Betty a go. Wrapped in lettuce, it’s a cleaner way to still indulge in a delicious burger with your mates, without the guilt.


Sick of the 9 to 5 and want to pretend you’re in a tropical paradise for a few minutes? We highly recommend Betty’s Crispy Chicken Supreme with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and special sauce… but don’t stop there! Add pineapple for just a dollar and you’ll be saying “mahalo” in no time.


No need to take a second mortgage out to enjoy avocado on your Crispy Chicken Smash Burger. The avocado is the perfect antidote to the spicy pickles and sriracha mayo that take this burger to the next level.


You won’t find yourself rummaging through the fridge for a midnight snack after filling your tummy with the Betty’s Double (with double beef and double cheese), or the Betty’s Deluxe (add beetroot and egg, of course). A side of fries or onion rings will fill any final gaps.


As Betty’s Burgers becomes a South Aussie favourite, more of their unique restaurants keep popping up. If you’re craving a burger made your way, pop in and find them at Rundle Street, Hyde Park, Norwood and Marion. Plus, a little birdie tells us there are a few newbies on the horizon too… stay tuned!


The most popular burger on the menu is still the Betty’s Classic. It’s everything you want and need in a burger: Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and special sauce, all wrapped up in a soft milk bun. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

When the craving hits and you know nothing will fill your belly like a burger, you know where to go — straight to Betty’s.



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