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A painting by Tania Aliis Lapidge is like a confetti gun of happiness for your walls and a burst of sunshine for your soul.

There’s no way you can miss the good vibes that radiate out of a piece by local artist Tania. Her big, bold, neon abstracts are all different, but Tania’s positive outlook shines through in each one.

“I don’t have a set style, but I’m clearly colour obsessed,” Tania laughs. “I want people to feel the happiness I have when creating them — it comes through in all the colours and movement. And you’ll always see something different; a new little area that you love, every time you look at them.”

Growing up in the vibrant Unley area, Tania got the artistic-bug when she was just a whipper-snapper. “My parents had an art and framing business, so I was around it from an early age. Then, my Year 5 teacher was heavily into Van Gough and I caught her enthusiasm, but it was an Art Camp in Uluru that really sealed the deal when I was in Year 11. It was an amazing opportunity to mix with the indigenous students and see what they were doing,” she says.

Tania went on to study Visual Communications (Graphic Design) at UniSA, followed by Visual Arts at the South Australian School of Art, but she names nature as one of her biggest inspirations.

“My husband and I have done a lot of travel around Australia. We did a fantastic trip through the Nullarbor — the colour combinations in nature and the scenery is something I still draw on when painting today.”

Her family is right behind her — her dad frames the masterpieces and while becoming a mum to sons Ollie and Ari has made things more hectic, it hasn’t slowed Tania down one bit. Open for commissions and custom work, she’s always experimenting with different techniques and materials. “For my latest series, ‘In Full Bloom’, I used alcohol inks which work very differently. Then I hand-applied the gold foil, which is a signature of my pieces and
a nice added bit of glitz.”

Jump onto Tania’s website or social to get a glimpse of her incredible pieces — we guarantee you’ll get that feel-good buzz that she so expertly conveys with her colourful creations.


Em Worthington

Em Worthington

Writer and Content Creator for Adelady, her heart starts racing at the sight of a whiteboard or mere mention of a brainstorm.

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