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From the second we found out we were expecting our first child, the anxiety ramped up — and so did the Google searches.

Googling has slowed down since we met Kate Bergamasco from My Private Midwife. Now, our pregnancy-intrigue is directed at her and instead of links, we get warm, compassionate, targeted answers to help with our journey.

Kate is a registered midwife with over 32 years of experience, as well as a lactation consultant and a hypnobirthing practitioner. We sat down with Kate and asked her some of our burning pregnancy questions.

What’s the benefit of using My Private Midwife?

From the moment you find out you’re expecting right through to after your bub has arrived, I’m with you for the journey. As a private midwife, I can meet you anywhere and work with you to overcome your challenges and struggles. During pregnancy, I answer questions and alleviate your fears; and then after birth, I continue to support you, assisting with feeding and sleep as you learn as a parent.

I have the added bonus of being a lactation consultant too, and can help you to trust your ability to feed. Breastfeeding can be difficult and confusing, and it’s normal for mums to feel overwhelmed. I specialise in painful attachment, a baby’s refusal to feed, or general discomfort with the feeding process — and I do it from your very own home.

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing?

I help to build your confidence in your ability to nurture your baby through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Hypnobirthing involves various techniques to help relax and empower the body before and during birth. It’s also extremely beneficial for expectant mothers who have C-sections.

Photo :: Wayne Pearson 

With so much conflicting information available, what’s your advice for expecting or new parents?

When parents question how to respond to crying babies, I always say to forget about any fears of what might happen and just trust your instinct. If your partner was crying in bed, you’d respond with a cuddle and try to help them. Babies are born before they’re neurologically ready to be, and we need to let go of our fear of spoiling them and just respond instinctively and lovingly.

Kate has helped countless families all over Adelaide reach their full parenting potential. Armed with various tips, tricks and tools to establish positive routines for you and your new baby, she’s a wealth of knowledge — and she’s all yours.

Ryan x


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