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Nothing opens a connection like a big, beaming smile!

The Orthodontic Place in Kent Town and Hindmarsh knows high-quality orthodontic care, and Orthodontist and owner Dr Sara Dudley is all about helping your whole family to love their smile. “It’s so important for functionality to be able to eat and speak well, but also, having a confident smile can hugely impact your self-esteem and how you relate to others.”

A highly experienced orthodontist, Sara opened this boutique practice in 2013 so she could treat her patients with the same care as her own family. “Everyone has different circumstances and needs, so we’ll work together to get tailored results you’ll love.”

On the menu are metal braces, clear (ceramic) braces and Invisalign aligners (invisible braces) for kids, teenagers and adults. We had questions, and Sara was all over it…

How do you know if you need orthodontic treatment?

Come and see us! You don’t need a referral from your general dentist, but patients need to be in good dental health and we’ll work closely with your dentist throughout it all.

What age do most kids come to see you?

It’s recommended to come around seven or eight to examine the bite and development of adult teeth. If early intervention is needed, it’s typically a short (six to 12 month) treatment to correct a bite or dental problem and allow more ideal growth and development of the child’s jaw and permanent teeth. There are different appliances that will be tailored to your child’s needs, and that’s often followed by phase two when they’re older to detail the position of their adult teeth.

Do you treat adults?

Absolutely! We see people of all ages
and for many reasons — you may have had treatment as a teenager, but perhaps you didn’t keep up with wearing a retainer, or wisdom teeth may have moved everything around again. Others may not ever have had treatment but feel like the time has come to get things in line.

How much does it cost?

It’s important to get an individual consultation, but as a ballpark… full braces range from $5,500 to $8,500. Invisalign ranges from $6,500 to $9,000. Early treatment ranges from $1,500 to $4,000. We offer interest-free payment plans for 12 to 30 months to make things more affordable and also sibling and family discounts.

Your smile is an investment and when you want to take that leap, the main thing is that you feel confident that you’re in the right hands. To chat more about getting the perfect pearly whites, get in touch with Sara and her wonderful team!

Every person’s experience and results may vary. Make your own assessment as to whether this is right for you.


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