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Visit Europe for the price of a cup of coffee!

When CIBO was founded in 2000, there was one simple goal: to create a coffee bar in South Australia that made people feel like they were sitting in a piazza, enjoying an authentic Italian espresso.

“CIBO is a brand that comes from the heart. Along with its Italian heritage, it’s deeply connected to the spirit of Adelaide. CIBO is all about that special connection with the customer through a shared love of great coffee,” says Ali Kurtdereli, General Manager of CIBO.

There are five pillars at the core of every CIBO cafe:

Talented baristas

Something that bonds Europeans and Australians is how seriously we take our coffee, and CIBO knows how to nail even the most intricate order. We’re talking macchiato, piccolo, freddo latte, vienna chocolate and affogato. You name it, CIBO will make it exactly as you like.

The Italian touch

For customers to believe they’ve experienced Italy, CIBO has to feel like Italy. And that comes from a welcoming smile from the barista, a spot at one of the open-air tables under the red umbrellas, or a seat at the shared espresso bar — so that even when on your own, you’ll never feel lonely. Just let the warmth of Italian hospitality run over you.

The artisan pastries

Italians believe that a cup of coffee isn’t complete without a sweet treat on the side, so the offering at CIBO is abundant. Almost too pretty to eat, the sugar-dusted zeppole and creamy cannoli will have you transported to that cobblestone laneway in Rome with just one bite.

Great Italian food

For an authentically Italian experience, you need delicious food. One of CIBO’s paninis or focaccias filled with shavings of quality salami and prosciutto always hits the spot. Not to mention the special dishes that pop up, like a steaming bowl of pasta or a freshly made wrap. Bellissimo!

The perfect roast

There would be no CIBO without Tony from D’Angelo Coffee. These master roasters have worked with CIBO since day dot, creating a blend that’s made up of beans from Ethiopia, Brasil, New Guinea and Indonesia, and is grown on sustainable Rainforest Alliance farms.

“We roast each coffee individually to develop the coffee to its maximum potential, and blend after roasting to give the coffee its exclusive flavour profile. This results in a full-bodied, sweet blend with notes of caramel and dark chocolate, which is influenced by the espressos you would drink in coffee bars in Italy,” says Tony.

CIBO has continued to hold Italian culture at the heart of everything they do. It’s no wonder they’ve become a LET THE WARMTH OF South Australian icon!



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