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… because it’s probably the wrong size!

Ladies, it’s time to get comfy — and the best place to start is a bra that actually fits, from Alexandra Lingerie.

Owner and bra enthusiast, Alexandra Vaissière, created a place where bra fittings aren’t just a process, they’re an experience guided by experts. Her personalised approach made us long-time customers, often seeking advice from the French big boobs expert on the best everyday bra, little-bit-sexy bra, sports bra or bikini top. And now, we’re bringing Alexandra’s wisdom straight to you!

Getting fitted at Alexandra Lingerie is a long way away from the fittings you had in a department store when you were 16! The team at this delightful Adelaide Arcade boutique is kind, friendly, extra helpful and well versed in putting any embarrassment you might feel aside.

Start out slow by browsing their beautiful pieces and selecting a few bras you might like to try, before heading through to the spacious fitting rooms and getting professionally measured up — a total game changer when it comes to boob comfort and support.

From there, your fitter will bring you a baseline bra in your specific measurements and even help you fasten the back and adjust the straps. This part is totally optional and whatever you’re comfortable with. Your fitter might even ask you to swap sizes a few times to make sure you finish up with your perfect fit.

And then the fun really begins. After your base sizing has been determined, you can play around with different styles and looks. And you never even have to leave the fitting room!

Once you’ve found some styles you love, you can get dressed and head out to the counter. And if you can’t bear to take your new bra off, you can wear it out of the store!

Voila! Your boobs have a cosy new home with plenty of support, lift and a beautiful new look.

Is your bra the wrong size?

Here’s a simple way to check: Reach around behind you and find the back of your bra band. Place your thumb underneath and pull the strap away from your body. How far can you pull it out? If it’s more than a few finger widths, then something is wrong! Off to Alexandra Lingerie you go.

Measure up

If you’re not quite ready to be professionally measured by the Alexandra Lingerie team, why not give it a go yourself?

To get your band size: Take a tape measure and put it under your breasts, and pull it nice and firm. The number of inches converts to your band size. Just subtract 22 to get the Aussie sizing you’re used to. For example, did you measure 34”? You should try a size 12 band.

To get your cup size: Measure over your breasts in your current bra, then find the difference between your underbust measurement and bust measurement. Then, match that number with your suggested cup size below. For example, if your bust measurement is 41”, and your underbust is 34”, the difference is 7” — and you can start out with a 12FF

What’s your perfect bra size?

Bust: _____ inches minus

Underbust: _____ inches

= _____ inches

Circle on the number line below to find your starter size!



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