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You know that fluttery feeling when you’re REALLY excited about something, or when a moment feels extra special? Let me tell you, I was one big fluttery ball when I found out that SIX the Musical was on its way to rock Adelaide’s socks off. This cult phenomenon has already taken the world by storm, visiting West End, Broadway and now finally Australia. It’s set to be in Adelaide from May 21 to June 12.

SIX the Musical is next level — like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Throw all your preconceived ideas of what a musical should be out the window and brace yourself for 75 minutes of cheeky, pop-musical fun that will have you dancing and absolutely buzzing with joy.

And the best part? It’s a musical about the six wives of Henry VIII who reclaim their stories in the ultimate HER-story lesson we’ve ever seen! They are the stars of this show in a rebellious tale of female empowerment, with an all-female cast. Now, that’s what we’re talking about! Remixing five hundred years of historical heartbreak, these spirited queens retell their story, their way, in a high-octane 75 minute musical sensation. Think Henry VIII meets the Spice Girls!

We are so excited for these Tudor Queens-turned-Pop Princesses to come to Adelaide – we know we’re going to be besties! In preparation for their arrival, we thought we’d pair up and plan a special treat for each of the Queens – a night out on the town, Adelady style. We’ve chosen venues based on each of their personalities, so gear up Adelaide it’s time for… SIX in the City!

Catherine of Aragon

Her Queenspirations: Beyoncé and Shakira.

Listen to her Spotify playlist HERE.

Bestie: Lauren

Catherine is 100 percent my gal! She’s determined, self-assured and born to wear a crown. She’s the daughter of a warrior queen (love that) and her legendary speech at the court investigation into her marriage was a showstopper — and we all know I love to talk!

If I was going to treat Catherine of Aragon to a day out in Adelaide, I’d start with some luxury shopping at Votre Luxe on King William Road, before high-tailing it into the city for dinner at Garçon Bleu and then, of course, we’d stop in to see SIX at Her Majesty’s Theatre to finish the night off!

Anne Boleyn

Her Queenspirations: Lily Allen and Avril Lavigne.

Listen to her Spotify playlist HERE.

Bestie: Flic

Ok, so I’ve settled a bit since getting married and having kids, but remember that time I pashed Robbie Williams on stage? There’s no way the rebellious Anne and I wouldn’t bond over our wild stories! I love that Anne dances to her own tune, full of quirk and a bit of unconventionality.

To show Anne a great night out in Adelaide, we’d probably start with a long lunch at Hey Jupiter before heading along to see the twilight show of SIX, before grabbing burgers at the unique Hard Days Night and heading to the The Lab for some live music.

Jane Seymour

Her Queenspirations: Adele and Sia

Listen to her Spotify playlist HERE.

Bestie: Kristy

With 25-plus years of marriage under my belt, how could I not bond with the Henry’s favourite wife and one true love, Jane! Plus, she helped the King reconcile with his daughter Mary — with four kids, I’m constantly navigating family dynamics, so she might have some great advice for me!

For our girls night out, I’d take Jane for lunch at Part Time Lover, before strolling through the Adelaide Central Markets on our way to see SIX at twilight, before heading for cocktails at 2KW after the show.

Anna of Cleves

Her Queenspirations: Nicki Minaj and Rihanna

Listen to her Spotify playlist HERE.

Bestie: Em

I feel like Anna and I live our lives in the same way — if life gives you lemons, make lemonade and all such stuff! She’s fierce and independent, and loves the more unique artists of the world (if anyone’s seen my Spotify playlists, you know I like things a little bit different!) Plus, I do love kicking off a good party!

Anna and I would check out the 2022 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of SA – she loves art, even though Henry wasn’t a fan of her portrait! We’d then have an adventure-fuelled progressive dinner on The HandleBar, then get down and party at the SIX late show.

Katherine Howard

Her Queenspirations: Ariana Grande and Britney Spears

Listen to her Spotify playlist HERE.

Bestie: Tory

They say Katherine is a chameleon who quickly adapts to different environments — and after a move from Adelaide to Melbourne, and back again, I can RELATE! We both love trying new things and have a passion for life, and are strong advocates for women.

To win over Katherine’s friendship, I’d take her to Roaming Zen for The b.class® (dance and exercise should always go hand in hand!) before seeing the twilight show of SIX, then hitting up some of Adelaide’s best hidden bars along Peel Street… Maybe Mae springs to mind!

Catherine Parr

Her Queenspirations: Alicia Keys and Emeli Sandé

Listen to her Spotify playlist HERE.

Bestie: Hayley

As a fellow writer, Catherine and I would have HEAPS in common. She’s also passionate and driven, which I can definitely relate to as a business owner! Plus, I feel like she’d have some good stories about giving up the man she loved when Henry VIII decided to marry her.

While Catherine’s in Adelaide, we would visit Harry Hartog at Burnside Village to pick up the latest reads, then go for a long walk through the gorgeous Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. Dinner would be something casual at Sparkke at the Whitmore before rounding out the night with SIX the Musical!

SIX the Musical is playing in Adelaide for THREE weeks only! The show is only 75 minutes so you can be sure to make a night of it! Get your party pants on, grab your besties (so you don’t steal our new-found queen besties!), and head along to SIX for the party of your life. We’ll see you there for a groove! Get your tickets now.


Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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