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Confession time… every Adelady team member has used a conveyancer but not one of us can tell you what they do. Thank goodness for people like Sue Andriani from Eastern Conveyancing, who can take the wheel and do the adulting for us!

Buying a house, selling a home, land division, separation, divorce, deceased estates, business and other commercial transactions… all sorts of situations call for the expertise of a conveyancer and without one, you could be up the proverbial creek. You could end up getting a bad deal, conditions may not be met or your transfers could fall through. Not only can these moves have a hefty impact on your bank balance, they’re often emotional — knowing you’ve got someone you trust on your side can leave you to focus on the good stuff.

Behind the curtain

So, what’s a conveyancer? In simple terms, they’re across all the legal requirements of buying and selling property — they’ll do the hard yards with the banks; ensure that there will be clear title to the purchaser and that all rates and taxes are adjusted; check contracts and make sure conditions are met; as well as collecting capital gains tax and GST to pay to the ATO. If that sentence gives you a headache, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Sue’s got your back.

In the know

Sue has been helping everyday people through these big life moments for over 20 years and in 2016, she started up Eastern Conveyancing so she could do more of what she loves. Being proudly South Australian, Sue knows the market and loves working closely with her clients and their specific needs.

“Every transaction and contract is different, and each person involved has different stressors or understanding of the laws around property transfers. That’s where we take the pressure off and ensure that all the boxes are ticked, conditions are met and the process is as smooth as possible,” she says.

Sue’s also well aware that these big life decisions need to happen around day-to-day life — work, kids, weekends and holidays — so she’s super flexible in being available when it suits you.

Image :: Wayne Pearson

Hot tips

“The SA market is booming right now! 2020 has made people reassess what matters to them, so there’s a lot of movement. Houses don’t seem to be staying on the market, so if you’ve ever thought of buying or selling, it’s a great time to get involved,” Sue says.

“First step: start looking around to see what’s on offer. Second (and a super important step): give me a call so I can make sure you’re ready to pounce and don’t miss out on making that dream come true!”

Em xx


Em Worthington

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