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Guest blog by ::  MCA (Modern Celebrants AdelaideCamille Abbott, Vicky Flanegan, Penelope Carrick, Rebecca Elliott

If ever there is a year to get past the “traditional wedding” perceptions, it’s 2017!  Here are 5 practical yet fun, helpful and wonderful thoughts on ways to make sure your marriage ceremony and wedding day is authentic and modern.  Oh and it won’t break your budget either, it may in fact help it.

1. Ultimate bridal party freedom


A dog for a best man? Check. Grandma for your flower girl? Check. Your best male friend with the bridesmaids? Yep. And all of the bridesmaids (& bride’s dude) are in mismatched dresses and or pant suits? Yes, ma’am. In 2017, anything goes. There’s no need to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, have them dressed the same or have a bridal party at all.

2. First look photos


The notion that it is somehow bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony on the day of the wedding is well and truly outdated. To ensure that you both are spending the maximum amount of time with your guests, arranging a ‘first look’ with your photographer is a must. Plus, it allows more scope for alternate and wonderful photo locations.

3. Unplugged ceremonies will be the norm


Most guests are becoming aware of their behavior on mobile phones and tablets during the ceremony. It is not okay to act like you are at a gig and hold your device up above your head to take a shot. It is not okay to be posting to social media during the ceremony. And it is even worse to block the official photographer or another guest by standing or reaching into the aisle. Just turn your phone/tablet off and listen for 30 minutes. It won’t kill you – we promise!

4. Seating will get more creative & more relaxed


Mis-matched chairs, bench seats, fabric covered hay bales, maybe even a couple stylish rugs or mini chairs up the front for the little people: “Pick a seat not a side, come as you are, stay as long as you can, we’re all family, so no seating plan”. Let the setting of your ceremony help direct your seating style and layout.

5. Private property weddings


Whether it’s the bride’s family’s backyard, an Aunt’s property in the hills, or a friend’s open paddock, couples are moving their celebrations to non-traditional venues to put their unique stamp on their big party. If you are going slightly off the beaten track just remember to include in your invite a good map, accommodation in the area and a group form of transport. Your guest won’t mind where they go for your wedding celebration, they are just so blessed and excited to be a part of your wonderful day.

 MCA (Modern Celebrants AdelaideCamille Abbott, Vicky Flanegan, Penelope Carrick, Rebecca Elliott

Image credits: Stirling Photogrpaher :: Blush and Mint Photography :: Belinda Monk Photographer :: Fiona Thurlings Photography

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