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Guest Blog by the Adeladies at Somo-Studio

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1. Go Green!

Indoor greenery is such an affordable and rewarding way to add life and brighten your space. They not only look amazing but can also help to purify the air in your space. Pair your plant with a fab pot or plant stand and you can’t go wrong!

How to style: Place smaller pots on a plant stand, side table or shelf. Position larger pots/ taller plants beside a piece of furniture to create balance within your space. Some great indoor plant varieties trending right now – Devils Ivy and String of pearls are great smaller plants that you can pop on a shelf or side table. Larger varieties like Monstera Deliciosa and the Fiddle leaf Fig are more of a statement piece and will create impact within your space. Check them out at your local nursery and find out which varieties are best suited to your space.

 Image: Emma Sadie Thomson

Image: Pop and Scott

2. Feature Lighting

Lighting can really help to complete the look of your space, create ambience and draw attention to a feature in your room that you want to accentuate.

How to style: Position pendant lights above a dining table, kitchen island bench or bedside table. Smaller pendant lights can disappear and look insignificant in a space so if you’re choosing smaller lights cluster them together in groups of up to 4 to create more of an impact and draw your eye to that area. When you’re having your lights installed make sure they are at a height that don’t obstruct your vision but also high enough above your table so you don’t bump your head!

Floor lamps and table lamps are also an easy way to bring feature lighting into your space. Position a floor lamp beside your lounge, a chair or by your bed. Use a table lamp to add the finishing touches to your decor by accessorising a side table or credenza.

 Image: Beacon Lighting

Image: Beacon Lighting

3. Wall Art

A wall hanging or wall art can really add personalise and depth to a space.

How to Style: When choosing your wall hanging, think about the other colours in your room and choose something that will complement the space. There are many ways you can showcase your wall hangings. A large solo piece will always create an impact in your space. Wall art that come as a pair look great as well. No matter which path you go down when you are hanging your piece make sure it is hung roughly at eye level. Wall art can also look great leaning on a side table. Position it next to a table lamp or small plant to complete the look!

 Image: Art Club Concept

Image: Brent Rosenberg

4. Accessorise

Add the finishing touches to your space by accessorising with decorative items such as vases, trays cushions, throws and rugs.

How to style: When selecting cushions, throws and rugs play around with textured fabrics and patterns, but keep colours within similar tones. Pair your cushions with a throw rug draped over the side of a chair or on the end of a sofa. When choosing a rug make sure that it is long enough to extend to the end of your sofa and wide enough for your coffee table to sit on top with a little excess on either side.

Accessorise your coffee table, side table or dining table with a cluster of vases, trays or other ornamental items. Choose items that vary in height and colours that will complement one another and the rest of your space.

 Image: Country Road

Image: Target

5. Less is more

Whilst all of our tips above help add to your space, just remember that less is more!

When accessorising don’t go over the top with too many items or it could end up looking messy. It’s important to try and find the right balance that works in your space.

Get organised and de-clutter your space. I know… Easier said than done right! But try to keep your space free of excess clutter so that the focal points of your room are accentuated and the eye isn’t distracted by items that you don’t want to draw attention to.

How to style: Choose storage items that are practical but also look good in your space. Slide them under a side table or next to a chair so that they are out of the way but still easily accessible.

 Image: Kmart

Image: UltraLinx

Somo studio are an online based interior design service providing affordable e-styling services. We have a number of options to select from – ‘Style Advice’, ‘One Room’, ‘Full House’, plus additional extra services that the user can ‘add on’. All at an affordable cost because it’s all online! All you have to do is select your service, upload a photo of your space and complete a questionnaire to tell us a little about yourself and your style. We then come back with advice on how to style the space and where to buy the products from.


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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