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Sometimes, looking back at the original plan can show just how far you’ve come.

That’s exactly the case for Limestone Coast based winery, Wangolina. In 2023, they’re celebrating 21 years of their cellar door and a huge 100 years on their beautiful property. And while all those years have been filled with exciting new plans, experimental varieties and some serious gusto from head winemaker Anita Goode, this year, they’re choosing to take a step back in time to revisit the Originals.

The Originals wine range is dedicated to the varieties that were first planted in the vineyard in 1999. “The range represents the place where we started our winemaking journey, and it’s about acknowledging the past. All the grapes for this range are grown solely in our vineyard at Mount Benson and were chosen as they suited the climate and were grapes that we could shape into wines that we love,” Anita says.

So, what can we expect from these delightful drops? “The Originals Sauvignon Blanc gives a tropical burst of fruit, with a grassy edge. The Originals Syrah is a contemporary style red that’s bright, perfumed and fresh, with savoury tannins and minerality. The Originals Cabernet is a ‘modern’ expression that’s the perfect wine for a Sunday roast. And we have the Originals Semillon — it’s zingy, textural and made using my favourite grape,” Anita says, bursting with well-deserved pride.

Go get it, girl

Not only is Anita an amazing winemaker, she’s a fourthgeneration Wangolina farm girl who now owns 700 acres of land that surrounds the vineyard. “I feel so privileged to be able to work on the land in the footsteps of my family, and alongside my dad, John — he provides so much wisdom and support,” says Anita.

Wangolina has 11.5 hectares of vines that are managed and maintained by Anita, but she’s certainly not sticking to the status quo. Instead, Anita’s constantly dabbling in different winemaking experiments, introducing new varieties and looking into the future. “We’re always looking at varieties that are more suited to our climate, require lower vineyard inputs and need minimal intervention, which aligns with our values and ethos.”

Shiny and new

2023 sees the introduction of Wangolina’s brand new winery! The 2023 vintage will be the first grapes crushed in their very own facility. Having her own facility means that Anita can experiment more than ever before. “My goal is to create wines that truly speak to their variety. I’m aiming for clean and fresh, with an undeniable vibrance.” And there’s not a doubt in our mind that’s what we’ll get with Anita behind the wheel!

Now is the time to visit Wangolina’s Cellar Door and stock up on the goods. You’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of just how far this winery has come.




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