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Guys, we need your help! As much as we want to get to every single Adelaide Fringe Festival show, it’s just not physically possible. So, we’re creating the ultimate guide to Fringe reviews.

See a great show? Drop us a line! Leave a venue feeling super pumped? Let us know where and when! We’ll put all your reviews into this article so that it keeps growing and growing, and you know that the shows you’re seeing have been recommended by real Adeladies 🙌🏼

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This is how it works:

– Go and explore the amazing Adelaide Fringe Festival.

– Email your reviews to [email protected], and let us know about the show that you saw – what you thought of it, what your favourite part was, is it suitable for kids or adults?

– Include your first name, and the suburb that you are from.

– We will add your review to the top of this article, so the rest of Adelaide can check out your thoughts and pick which show they might like to go and see!

We can’t wait to hear from you. Happy Fringe, everyone!

Lots of love, Adelady xx

Lennon Through A Glass Onion

“Last Saturday my friend & I went to the Star Theatre to see “Lennon Through A Glass Onion” with John Waters & Stewart D’Arrietta.  The evening got off to a rocky start, as on arrival we realised the Box Office had sent the wrong tickets. We should have been there the night before! However the understanding staff very kindly arranged seats for us & we had a great position to see the show. Although I’d seen it at least 20 years ago (John Waters has been performing it since 1990!), it didn’t fail to impress. He has an amazing voice & his story telling of John Lennon, was outstanding. With Stewart D’Arrietta accompanying him, plus his collaboration in writing & arranging the show, the two weaved their magic, entertaining the full house to a standing ovation.” — Cindy

Jukebox Chorus – The Ultimate Australian Playlist 

A clever, creative and captivating choir moment filled with the iconic Australiana soundtrack that no-doubt shaped Fringe’s multi-generational audiences. Warm, heartfelt, impassioned and impressive vocals from the entire choir, filling the room with an intense desire to join the insanely talent and cool Gospo Collective. 5 stars for these superstars, a must see. — Ryan

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale’s Feelgood Factory 

Looking for some easy fun and a feel good show this Fringe? It has to be this one! — Laura

Blanc de Blanc Encore

Forget everything you know about Strut and Fret’s original Blanc de Blanc. The obvious similarities remain the name, the genre of show, the high quality production value and supreme talent, everything else is completely reimagined and wildly breathtaking. This entirely new cast, concept and creativity will have you equally gobsmacked and keeled over laughing simultaneously. It is entertainment and escapism at its absolute finest and deserves the full houses, standing ovations and audience delight as witnessed on the night I went. Brilliant. — Ryan


I just saw an amazing production at Noel Lothian Hall in the Botanic Gardens. GOBSMACKED! with ex Adelaide’s Nikki Aitken and ex Kiwi Jamie Burgess is a wonderful little production full of original songs written by Jamie and sung with gusto by Nikki. So great to see a show with beautiful original show tunes so catchy I was still singing them all the way home. Cabaret at it’s finest. If you only buy one fringe ticket this season, go see this. Guaranteed to laugh until you cry, it’s an absolute riot! — Myfanwy

L.I.A.R. – Life is a Rehearsal 

Remi Martin, one of the talented and hilarious hosts from flagship show Blanc de Blanc Encore brings a breathtaking display of acrobatic storytelling in L.I.A.R. Clever humour is blended with incredibly well thought out visual sensory delights mixed with mind blowing acrobatic and aerial work. This, from Remi and his crew to the background of a brilliant live soundtrack that’s so perfect you’d think it’s recorded. A truly perfect way to spend 60 minutes and $35.    — Ryan

The Magnets – 90s Rewind

This truly magnetising experience will have every 80s and 90s baby singing along to EVERY.SINGLE.SONG in the repertoire. Infectious humour and on-stage banter combined with jaw-dropping vocals from this worldwide gang of musical masterminds isn’t simply a “must see” it’s a “must go back and watch again”. Every song is a hit and done flawlessly. Doubters would suggest 5 blokes performing a cappella couldn’t nail the likes of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston belters and I’d say, you haven’t seen The Magnets. Do whatever it takes to get there, 5 stars is simply not enough. — Ryan

Best of the Edinburgh Fest

We laughed until we cried, it was the ultimate Adelady night out. Our faces actually physically hurt from laughing! — Millie and Em x

Abandoman — The Road To Coachella

Abandoman like you’ve never seen him. Road to Coachella is on in the Garden until March 15. I’ve seen this man, as many have, pretty much most years he’s been here. He’s become somewhat of a cult at the Adelaide fringe. That “if you know, you know” type thing. As soon as the show started, it’s clear Rob’s (Abandoman) talents lie strongly in comedy, followed by his mind-blowingly quick freestyle rap skills. The beauty of the show is that, as the audience changes nightly, so would the show. So you can return night after night! A truly 5-star knee slapping laugh-out-loud nudging your mates in the ribs type show. It’s a definite must-see, so go! Now. — Burgo

Bad Daddy 

Bad Daddy is Stevens’ version of a dad’s life in which he takes on life’s challenges to ultimately thrive and survive in a world that is ultimately against him. Stevens is a true hidden gem of the Adelaide Fringe and will make you question why you haven’t heard of him before. — submitted by Nikki.

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