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By Alicia Norton

Halloween is once again just around the corner and like every year the pressure is on to come up with a unique costume that doesn’t break the bank. With that in mind, and not forgetting the fact that Halloween is supposed to be scary, may I present you my very own list of Adelaide themed Halloween Costumes – budget options included and not a clown in sight!

adelaide halloween

The Malls Balls

Grab some balls, wrap em in foil and holy shit, you’re the most iconic location in Adelaide. The bigger the balls, the better – I’m lazy so I’d settle for flashing silver juggling balls – but why not get creative with some paper mache?!

Costume requirements: Aluminium foil and your imagination…

Scare Factor: it all depends on how dirty yer balls are.

The Malls…pigs…

Second only to the balls, the pigs are surely the most regularly mounted attraction in Rundle Mall. Ensure that you get all the attention you deserve this all hallows eve – tart it up or play it down, the choice is totally yours.

Costume requirements: If you’re broke like me, try making a pigs nose from a painted egg carton!

Scare Factor: Depends how much you embrace your inner-pig

Serial Killer

It’s Adelaide. Apparently serial killers are everywhere. Mess with people even more, just dress like you do everyday.

Costume Requirements: None. Dress normally. People will think you’re too lazy to bother with a costume, socially aware Adelaidians will know better. Feel free to add validity by hiding weapons (fake, of course) in your bag / car / dungeon – I mean basement.

Scare factor: watch Wolf Creek and Snow Town and then we can talk.

The Burnside Mum

Spotted around the Eastern Suburbs but only in the right places, this woman absolutely scares the crap out of me. You do not want to cross her or her shady SUV.

Costume requirements: You could fully commit and get the “can I speak to your manager” haircuts or you could just use a wig. Incidentally I used same wig I have previously used to dress as Lady Gaga and ‘Pretty Woman’ so, y’know. Add a pearl necklace (the kind you can buy at a jeweler) for authenticity. I got mine from my ex-boyfriend. Weirdly he also bought the same one for his mum which I feel says a lot about our relationship.

Scare factor: Have you ever worked in retail? These people are the stuff of nightmares.

Clipsal Fan

Give up on life and you’re half way there. Add a flannelette shirt and you’re almost set…the final touch is forcibly removing a few teeth to complete the look.

Costume requirements: You can only drink West End for the entire night, which probably isn’t the only downside of this costume…

Scare factor: petrifying to anyone who looks at you the wrong way…


The name is a palindrome, it’s the same backwards and forwards – and yes I am grasping as straws here. But you too can be the same backwards and forwards if you just try….

Costume requirements: Stick a photo of your own face to the back of your head. Walk with pride. Also a name badge that says Hannah…or…Glenelg, I guess..

Scare factor: I guess this depends on whether people like seeing your face twice or if once is enough…

Sports Fans

Look, I’m not a sporty person…so passionate sports fans kinda…scare me. They don’t even have to try but recently it’s gotten even worse; Crows fans can’t seem to let go of all the fact that some of their key players left (AT THE END OF 2015) and they’re a bundle of emotion. It reared its crazy head again at the Brownlows, if you get my drift. Heart break and anger can do frightening things to a person, just one of the many reasons to be afraid of sports fans.

Costume requirements: Sports…stuff. Head to your local op shop for a cheap deal on Port Adelaide merch, as I’m sure many of their ‘true fans’ have jumped off the bandwagon after the season they had.

Scare factor: Have you ever sat in the members’ area when the wrong team is winning? I rest my case.

All of my friends…

Leaving Adelaide is just so…Adelaide. You find yourself in your 20s and suddenly there is no worse place to be than Adelaide – apparently. So everyone packs their bags and high tails the fuck out. It’s almost iconic.

Costume requirements: Packed bags and a look of enthusiasm that’ll come in handy when Melbourne’s winter hits hard.

Scare factor: Terrifying. Basically I just want my friends to stop abandoning me.

So there you have it, just a few sneaky ideas from my financially constricted mind. Still not sold on any of these ideas? Channel the truly iconic Anne Wills, throw on some feathers and the biggest earrings you can find – scary isn’t central here but you’ll have the time of your life

Alicia xx

adelaide halloween

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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