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I’m definitely not cool enough to go and get lit on Peel Street. But give me a couple of cocktails and hey, anything is possible! Because Peel Street has such a great rep, it would be unfair of me to not share with you a list of all the bars you need to pop into next time you’re feeling a little swank.

Bottom’s up!

1. Therapy Cocktail bar

:: 2 Peel St, Adelaide

Everything you want from a specialty cocktail bar — with over 100 classic cocktails on the menu, as well as a rotating signature menu.

Image credit: Therapy Cocktail Bar

2. Maybe Mae

:: 15 Peel St, Adelaide

A glamorous, secret-society-style 1950s bar decked out with green leather booths, exotic flowers, mirrors and, of course, a magnificent cocktail and wine list.

Image credit: Maybe Mae

3. Clever Little Tailor

:: 19 Peel St, Adelaide

Open Monday to Saturday from 4pm until late — serving up a delicious range of drops and snack food.

Image credit: Clever Little Tailor

4. Malt and Juniper 

:: 18 Peel St, Adelaide

For spirit-lovers, you’ll adore this watering hole — it’s a whisky and gin bar.

Image credit: @meaghan_coles_photography

5. Alfred’s Bar

:: 14 Peel St, Adelaide

Serving all your faves and all the feels in one cutie patootie bar. Locals call it a home-away-from-home and visitors flock from all over to sip in the front bar.

Image credit: @meaghan_coles_photography

6. La Moka Café

:: 16 Peel St, Adelaide

This Italian inspired café and bar is open from when you wake up (7:30am) and is on like Donkey Kong for breakfast, lunch, coffee and even drinks and small plates on selected evenings.

Image credit: La Moka Cafe

7. Sestra

:: 23 Peel St, Adelaide

This is Kaffana’s cheeky sister restaurant, well known for finger-licking good food, outstanding cocktails and top-notch service.

Image credit: Sestra

8. La Rambla Tapas Bar

:: 28 Peel St, Adelaide

An authentic Spanish dining experience, inspired by La Ramba, Barcelona! You can expect a blend of traditional and innovative tapas dishes, as well as tasty sangria recipes and a looooong cocktail list.

Image credit: La Rambla Tapas Bar

9. Paloma Bar & Pantry

:: 20 Peel St, Adelaide

The newbie on Peel, this small bar serves up drinks and dinner, open Monday to Saturday.

Now, that’s a bloody list! Go and get lit (for me) because let’s be honest, I’m probably at home with my kids on the couch telling them to put their iPads away.

Hayley x

Header image credit :: @tyronetongphoto

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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