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By Jess Caire

Conversations with Alyse Vozzo from The Stylist’s Guide

Meet Alyse Vozzo, the creator of The Stylist’s Guide. The Stylist’s Guide was born in 2016 thanks to Alyse, who was already running Lola’s Lemonade Stand (a drink station for events).

Alyse and her husband trialled Lola’s Lemonade Stand at their own wedding and their guests loved it. After attending several events, Alyse “noticed that Adelaide events were missing the fun aspect, something in which adults can have a little bit of fun with.

I also loved the idea of using old, mismatched and vintage items to set up the station”. Alyse is a self-confessed creative who loves to mix the old with the new to ensure that events are as unique as the hosts themselves.

Most brides are stressing out over details – not you – your wedding was the birth place of two businesses?

That’s correct! While I was planning my wedding, I was sitting there running through the details with the wedding coordinator who was employed by the venue in which I had my wedding (might I add she was amazing!!!) but, it wasn’t her job to take on the extra responsibility to look after all the finer details, she had a wedding venue to look after.

My florist (who was also the best and I am SO sad she doesn’t do weddings anymore) had so much to do in terms of the flower arrangements which we had suspending from the ceiling!! I needed someone (like me) who would have the time to look over the finer details, make sure everything was in its place and make sure all the deliveries were on time.

There was no one (at the time) who did such a thing and that’s where the initial seed was planted for The Stylist’s Guide, but at that stage I wasn’t confident enough to branch out and start coordinating weddings or functions.

That’s why I started Lola’s Lemonade Stand, which was my side gig while I worked for my Grandfather and my Dad at their business as their showroom coordinator.

Not that I was bored in my current job, but I am a creative person and I couldn’t hold that in any longer, I was just bursting. I wanted something that I could have fun with and something that would allow me to showcase my creativity.

Again, I wasn’t confident enough to just go off and start this (I am all about trial and error) so what I decided to do was set up our very first drink station at our wedding, to see the reaction of our guests during the pre-dinner drinks

My husband and I thought it was a great idea (our parents not so much) as it was something which we had not seen before, we spoke to the venue and they also jumped at the chance to try something new. Our guests loved it, they loved it so much it took the wedding coordinator and staff 45 minutes to get our guests inside the main room where our wedding reception was being held.

From there we set up a number of drink stations, purchased so much prop hire and the business then evolved from there.

What can you expect when you engage The Stylist’s Guide?

When it comes to Weddings and Brides, I like to think that most of my clients can relate to me, after only being married for 3 and a bit years, its all still so fresh. When I say that I can relate to them, most of my clients are also around the same age group – so I like to think that they can also come to me not only as their consultant but as a friend.

I can provide them with so much creativity, sometimes my own head hurts with the amount of ideas that goes around in them! 

You like the creativity behind styling, what is it like to pull together an idea and see it play out in real life?

Honestly, it is the most amazing feeling ever. When I plan events, I take each of them on as if I would be planning the event for myself. I always think about what finishes I would expect and what final touches I would expect from someone.

Sometimes I really do get so caught up in it all that when I finally take that step back and once the events are over, I honestly sometimes even shock myself. I will always look at my husband and say “can you believe I did that?”

What’s your favourite type of event to style?

This will sound so cliché but I really do love mixing it up a bit and styling all sorts. I have done a couple of children’s parties lately and I have to stay I have had so much fun putting them all together (especially when there is colour and confetti involved!!) it’s the looks on the parents face when they walk in that really melts my heart.

They are just so happy and excited to have been able to put on the most amazing party for their children. 

With social media (in particular Instagram and Pinterest) do you think Aussies are becoming more “stylish” in the way they pull events together?

The Aussies are getting there, I feel like over the last 5 years it has evolved so much. Which is fantastic, people are becoming more creative and I love the fact that you can DIY your own events at times too. Gives people their chance to be “stylish”. 

With a business, a part time job and a husband, where do you go in SA for “downtime?”

Since my husband and I have been married, we head down to Port Hughes once a year to just get away from the chaos of Adelaide. A few years ago we decided that since we both never really have a real “Christmas break” we will take our own in February or March.

We’ll head down for 4-5 days and its a real chance for us to recoup and clear the mind. If we aren’t down there we do like to spend some time down in the Barossa Valley, maybe in the winter time, again just to get away from the chaos and the craziness of life and of course eat some delish food and drink some wine!!

Best piece of styling advice you can offer?

Make your event memorable. Not only do you want your guests to be talking about your event for weeks, months and years to come, you need to make sure your event is a true reflection of you.

There is nothing more that your guests will love than all the little details which make the event personal and welcoming. It doesn’t have to be something big for them to remember your event, the smallest detail is what they love most. 

Jess xx

:: For more info you can check out The Stylist’s Guide HERE ::

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