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Once again, Adelaide has made the list of top 10 most liveable cities in the world — but of course, we already knew that. We’ve got the stunning beaches and ambling hills, we’ve got the A-grade wine paired with the creamiest local cheeses. We’ve even got FruChocs, dammit — we’re clearly deserving of our spot on the list!

What it all boils down to though, is that we love Adelaide because of all its quirks. So today, we’re celebrating those little things — the things that the rest of the world might not know about, but that makes Adelaide #1 in our hearts.

We love ya, Radelaide… which leads us into our first point…

1. Adelaide has a fully-sick nickname: Radelaide.

2. We cram every single social event into one month and then complain that it’s “too busy”. Yes, we’re talking about Mad March.

3. You’re either #TeamRiver or #TeamBeach when it comes to holidays.

4. We proudly call ourselves the City of Churches, but in reality when you hear someone is heading to The Cathedral you know they really mean the pub in North Adelaide.

5. Adelaide went ahead and took a pie, and some mushy peas, and decided to combine them to make the pie floater. If that didn’t exist, what on earth would you eat on the way home at 2am?!

6. It’s so leafy… in the East.

7. You can literally Uber from one side of the city to the other, and get change out of $50 bucks.

8. The most important thing to find out about a new person is what school they went to. Even if you’re in your late 70s, it still matters.

9. We’re recognised around the world for our wine. Or at least, we’re recognised enough that Christian Grey ordered a bottle of Barossa Shiraz to win Anastasia back.

Image credit :: Fifty Shades Darker

10. It’s always changing, but also somehow always stays the same. Adelaide, teach us your secret to anti-ageing!

11. The invisible war between whether you holiday at Victor Harbor or Middleton might not ever be spoken of, but it DEFINITELY exists.

12. We dedicated a National Day to a chocolate. Honestly, we’re just counting down the days until National FruChoc Appreciation Day is declared a holiday.

13. There’s nothing more peaceful than driving past the parklands in the city. There’s nothing more terrifying than walking through them at night.

14. One of our most famous tourist attractions isn’t even Australian — it’s a German town. But seriously, you’ve got to have a sausage in Hahndorf.

Image credit :: @amophoto_au

15. In the late 90’s you went to Planet to see Drazic from Heartbreak High.

16. You’ve seen your life flash before your eyes while driving down Old Belair Road.

17. You always looked for the Canoe Tree on the way to Goolwa.

18. You tell everyone how beautiful hiking through Morialta is — though you’ve probably never gone further than First Falls.

Image credit :: @lifestyle2047

19. It really is a Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee, or it’s nothing.

20. Humphrey B Bear is as important in the Christmas Pageant as Santa Claus himself.

21. You always try to peek up Scotty from Scotty’s Motel’s kilt, to see if he’s free-balling.

22. If faced with a choice between a local or interstate product, we’ll choose local every time. We really do love support our beautiful state.

23.  We get our local news from ShitAdelaide.

24. Peak hour in Adelaide really refers to the Mount Lofty trail on a Sunday morning.

25. We’re one of the smaller cities, but we still managed to make room for not one, but TWO zoos.

What did we miss? What are the quirks that make you love Adelaide so much? We’d love to hear them!

Adelady x

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

Writer, Content Creator, Events Manager and Operations sensation, she’s the backbone to ensuring Adelady runs like clockwork.

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  • Chez Jones says:

    I was born in Adelaide (60 years ago) and now live in Brisbane.
    Was always a treat to get a piece of FRITZ when we went to the butchers!
    And then you had fritz and sauce sandwiches when you got home.
    No other state has fritz!

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