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Guest blog by Hannah Foord :: Nova news breakfast reader



I thought they were bad at 2 and 3 but 4 is a whole new level for my little guy.

The new-found ability to vocalise the irrationality has a really big up-side… hilarity.

We went to the cricket last week and had a fantastic day.

My girlfriend and I had a couple of champagnes each during the course of the afternoon and I was able to be breathalyzed by a policeman on the way out -just to confirm I was all good for driving.


I blew through  the straw…. greenlight.. great.

Max witnessed this wondrous contraption and somehow thought it looked like fun, but alas…it’s not really a 4-year-old sort of toy.

When the Policeman said no…all hell broke loose.

I felt demure in my lovely cricket attire complete with wide-brimmed straw hat.. only for a different sort of scene to unfold on the Adelaide Oval footbridge.

Picture hundreds of cricket fans pouring towards the stadium gates,  me and my girlfriend with the kids in tow walking against the tide.

“…..I want to be breathalyzed…..Mum… I want to be breathalysed… IIIII WANT TO BE BREATHAAAAHHHHlYZED”

Max fell to the ground in the middle of the green and gold foot traffic… fists pounding the pavement.

That is the latest of a series of major melt downs that I can’t help but seriously giggle at.

Here is a list of the reasons for some of his recent tantrums … please add to the list !!


Mum has been to New York ( where The Hulk lives ) but I haven’t.

I took a bite out of my toast and now I want it to be square again.

I want a jumper with a motor bike on it ( even though it’s 6pm and the shops are closed).

Mum won’t let me shop lift these biscuits even though I need to eat them now, and not after paying for them.

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Adelady Guest

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