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Guest Blog by Mardi Zeunert | Create.Talk

Do you love cooking?  Mmm. Guess what – it’s okay, I don’t either….

But! I do love cookbooks. OLD ones. Yes, old, like me. Well my era, oldish. Vintage. Tatty. Stained. Okay, stopping there.

The best reaction to gift giving I ever get is when giving something pre-loved.  As you know, it really is the thought that counts. I can hear my friends now… “I wish she’d give up that blooming op shopping obsession and take up a Country Road one”.

Finding fabulous old cookbooks is a hobby of mine. Okay, maybe an obsession.

So, when I recently came across another “Golden Circle Tropical Recipe Book – every-day meals with a tropic holiday flavor”, I immediately thought of those crazy pineapples at Adelady.  “You need this on your new office coffee table” I said, going as red as a soggy tomato realising I’d left the $2 sticker on it.

Thankfully, it got a big giggle and shrieks of disbelief as they flicked through the colourful pages. No, they didn’t wet their pants. Not that they owned up to anyway. I did.

I love the opening page…

Tropical Magic in Cooking – here are the golden passwords to many exciting adventures with tropic-style cooking! Recipes that make it more fun to prepare meals and to eat them… ideas for all times of day, for snacks, for picnics, for school lunches and for parties. Tested in the Golden Circle Kitchen.

Now – even my family had a glimmer of hope this morning when they saw me pull out my own copy from the bookshelf.  I was very quick to point out that they not expect a Sunny Island Roast tonight. Or any night. Ever. I don’t have the golden password.

Pineapple…. A versatile food. As the years pass, pineapple increases in popularity.  New recipes and uses prove the versatility of the fruit which has been described as one ‘direct from Paradise’.

Here’s a little taste of some other pineapple-based recipes for my fellow Adeladies.

Sunny Sausages for Meat Lovers? Starting the day.

Beach Boy Lunch? Lunch in the tropics.

Sunny Island Roast? Sunny Dinners.

‘Sip and Relax’ Tropical Coolers? Oh yes please. Pineapple party time.

Actually, let’s go out – anyone for a Pineapple Beanburger? Going out to eat.

Banana Boat Dessert? Fork Party foods. Love a party.

Coral Queen Trifle? Young party sweets.

Oh actually – I’ll ask my husband, “Hole-In-One”? Something Dad can cook.

Might be easier if we have a progressive dinner? I’ll bring the Pineapple and don’t despair, I love setting the table. Vintage tablewear is a thing too you know.

Mardi xx

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

Writer, Content Creator, Events Manager and Operations sensation, she’s the backbone to ensuring Adelady runs like clockwork.

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