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Bickford’s is an iconic household name that’s delighted the tastebuds of countless Australians. From humble beginnings in 1839, William and Anne Bickford began by making and selling medicines, tonics, pickles and soaps from their small apothecary on Hindley Street. They soon moved into cordial production and let’s just say — they never looked back! 

Bickford’s is proud to be celebrating a whopping 150 years in the business in 2024, employing over 250 people nationally, with all products still made in its Salisbury factory. As well as their famous range of cordials, Bickford’s now makes sodas, mixers and premium fruit juices, all made from the finest quality ingredients. It’s a ‘sweet’ success story, to say the least!

It seems like everyone has a memory or story to tell about their favourite Bickford’s cordial flavour. Maybe it takes you back to your childhood and reminds you of enjoying their original Lime Juice cordial on a hot summer’s day while running through the sprinklers or swinging on the Hills Hoist. Or perhaps in more recent years, sipping on one of their contemporary flavours, like Peach Iced Tea, while watching your own kids play in the backyard. 

Bickford’s cordial flavours certainly evoke nostalgia for special people and occasions, both past and present. There’s something really wonderful about that. “Over the past 150 years, Bickford’s has been present in creating memories and traditions that have been passed through generations, and that’s a milestone and legacy we’re all tremendously proud of,” says Chris Illman, Bickford’s Group Head of Sales and Marketing.  

Keeping with the feel-good theme, did you know there’s a one-word affirmation on the bottom of every bottle of Bickford’s cordial? Go on, take a look! And another fun fact — Bickford’s Lime Juice cordial remains one of their best-selling products to date and in 2016, was actually recognised by the National Trust of South Australia as a Heritage Icon! Talk about stealing the lime-light!

As part of Bickford’s milestone anniversary, six exciting new Celebration Flavours have launched. These ‘new flavours on the block’ include Lime Spider, Strawberry Lime Crush, Raspberry Ripple, Mango Coconut Splash, Pink Lemonade and Creamy Soda. What a mouth-watering line-up! Also, after years of petitioning from loyal customers, they’ve finally decided to bring back a beloved fan favourite — their Premium Cloudy Apple cordial. When the fans speak, Bickford’s listen!  

In the spirit of their latest ‘Sweet Memories Are Homemade’ campaign, we’ve asked Bickford’s to share their favourite cocktail and mocktail recipes featuring their new Celebration Flavours. 

Alcoholic cocktails:


30ml Bickford’s Pink Lemonade cordial 

60ml El Toro BlancoTequila 

30ml Triple Sec
15ml Lemon juice

Lemon slices and mint for garnish

Method: Rim a glass with lemon and salt. Add ice. Pour ingredients over the ice, and garnish with fresh lemon slices and mint. 


20ml Bickford’s Raspberry Ripple cordial

30ml Bickford’s Cranberry drink
60ml Vodka
15ml Lemon juice

Raspberries for garnish

Method: Add all ingredients plus ice to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a couple of martini glasses. Garnish with a skewered raspberries.

Strawberry Mojito 

30ml Bickford’s Strawberry Lime Crush cordial

30ml White Rum

Soda water

3 x Lime wedges 

2 x Strawberries

4–5 Mint leaves

Lime wheel and mint for garnish

Method: Muddle lime wedges, strawberries, and mint in a tall glass. Add cordial and rum. Add a generous scoop of ice to the glass and top with soda water. Garnish with lime wheel and mint sprig.


Crawling Lime Spider 

30ml Bickford’s Lime Spider cordial

15ml Vok Melon Liqueur

30ml Vodka

15ml Sugar Syrup

Soda water

1 scoop Vanilla ice cream

Fairy Floss for garnish

Method: Combine cordial, liqueur, vodka, sugar syrup and a splash of soda water to a glass. Top with a scoop of ice cream. Garnish with Fairy Floss.

Non-alcoholic mocktails:

Berry Blush 

30ml of Bickford’s Pink Lemonade cordial

4 Strawberries

3 Raspberries

3 Blackberries

20ml Lemon juice

15ml Sugar Syrup

Soda water

Strawberries and mint for garnish

Method: Muddle berries in a shaker. Add lemon juice, sugar syrup and cordial. Top with ice and shake well. Pour into glass. Top with soda water and garnish with a strawberry and mint sprig.


Berry Mint Delight 

30ml Bickford’s Strawberry Lime Crush cordial

3 x lime wedges 

2 x strawberries

4–5 mint leaves

Soda water

Lime wheel and mint for garnish

Method: Muddle lime wedges, strawberries and mint in a tall glass, then add cordial. Add a generous scoop of ice to the glass and top with soda water. Garnish with lime wheel and mint sprig.

While we take the time to celebrate the incredible 150 years of Bickford’s, it’s also important to recognise how relevant their products still are today. With a history so strong and a future so sweet, we raise our glass to you, Bickford’s. Cheers!


Images Credit :: Bickford’s Australia



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