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Got any big V-Day plans? If not, why not open your heart – to CMAX. 

CMAX Clinical Research is involved in ground-breaking research that has the potential to change lives. And doesn’t changing a life sound like the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift? Supporting clinical research shows plenty of love for our local communities and those who need the support that medical research brings to light. 

Located right here in South Australia, they’re a local medical trial company with 30 years experience that specialises in Phase 1 of clinical trials, which means they’re the first stop in human research for any potential new drugs, treatments and medical devices. With the help of healthy volunteers, CMAX tests the latest and greatest in medical science. 

That’s where you can come in. Instead of spending Valentine’s Day out on a blind date or sitting at home, why not learn a bit more about an opportunity that could help make the world a better place. You don’t have to go it alone either, share your discoveries with a friend or a partner so you’re in it together. 

Now let’s talk safety! The eligibility criteria are very strict to keep participants as safe as possible. Participants have a principal investigator looking after their dosing and monitoring them closely; and on the clinic floor there are always several doctors and nurses in case they are needed at any time, as well as strict procedures for regular check-ins and data collection. 

Not to mention, anyone that takes part is suuuuuper well taken care of with meals, accommodation and WiFi provided, and can even make a little extra cash at the same time! 

Let’s face it, February 14 is just another day… it’s time to change the narrative, and make it a day of scientific research and discovery instead. How cool is that! And if you’re still a Valentine’s Day fan, that’s ok — isn’t V-Day all about sharing the love?

If taking part in a clinical trial is something you’re interested to learn more about, check out the list of upcoming trials below or head to the CMAX website to find out more (or to apply, if that floats your boat!) 

And if you have more questions about clinical trials, how they work, and what’s involved, check out our Q&A here

Trial name: CM0222

What’s it testing: A potential new vaccine for pneumococcal.

Overnight stays, or visits only: Visits only

Age Group: 50-69


Trial name: CM1122

What’s it testing: A potential treatment for pain management.

Overnight stays, or visits only: 22 nights + 1 visit.

Age Group: 18-55


Trial name: CM7221

What’s it testing: A potential treatment for weight loss and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Overnight stays, or visits only: 8 nights + 1 night + 8 nights +4 visits

Age Group: 18-65 (with a BMI Above 30kg/m2)


Trial name: CM2222

What’s it testing: A potential treatment for Hereditary Angioedema

Overnight stays, or visits only: 2 nights + 11 visits

Age Group: 18-55


*This information is for general information purposes only. While we give our honest opinion about the products, services and businesses we review, you should always make your own assessment about what is right for you and your personal circumstances. We don’t recommend or endorse any particular product, service or business, and any reliance you place on the information we provide is, therefore, strictly at your own risk. Participating in a clinical trial is not right for everybody and associated risks or side effects can differ from person to person. Please consult your health practitioner as to whether participating in a clinical trial is right for you.


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