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Dear Frosty

I’ve interviewed you before on radio when you first appeared on The Bachelor and now I watch you, like a creepy fan, every Wednesday and Thursday night in your quest to find love on The Bachelorette. Like my best girlfriends, you’re genuine, warm, funny and awkward — I’d marry you!

Now this may sound weird, but I know which man you’re going to choose. Not because I’m psychic/psycho and not because I’ve tapped your phone — but because I’ve seen you meet your soul mate! I know the exact moment, because I experienced the same thing.

Fourteen years ago (I was nineteen) I met Jimmy. He came into my video store with a mutual friend. He was wearing a red t-shirt and the second I saw him, my tongue decided to do backflips and I turned into a new-born foal, I could hardly walk.


Every time I spoke to him, my heart raced a million times a second and I just knew that he was the person I was going to marry.

Even now, twelve years and two ridiculously cute babies later, my heart still goes a-flutter when I see his name pop up on my phone. It’s so stupid!

This is why Sasha will win. You’re like an awkward teenager around him. You go weak at the knees when you’re in his arms. In a non-single-white-female kinda way, you’re just like I was!

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It’s love! It’s REALLLLL LOVE! And even though I don’t really know you (except for that five minute interview on radio where we became besties),  I’m so happy for you.  Welcome to the best feeling in the world! You deserve it.

Sam and Sash forever!

Hayley xx

I promise I’m not a creepy fan (maybe just a little bit) xx


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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