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Here’s a refreshing and unexpected range of drinks by one of Adelaide’s hottest brewing houses!

Big Twist by Big Shed Brewing was created to turn pop-ins into memorable nights with friends. This brand-new, ready to-enjoy range by the team known for brewing the most epic beers is something none of us saw coming.

They’d been circling the idea of doing an alcoholic ginger beer for a while. “We found that most of the popular ginger beers on the market are sweet. Are they sweet because that’s what people want, or sweet because that’s what people have been given?” says Craig Basford, CoOwner and Creator at Big Shed Brewing Co. So, they came up with something that contains real ginger and is totally moreish.


Their all-natural, ready-to-enjoy range includes Hard Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Orange and Passionfruit and of course, Ginger Beer. They’re all “sessionable” — only 4.5% ABV — and contain real ingredients. No. Fake. Flavours.

And the boys wanted to put their own spin on it when launching this range. “There are already lemonades and ginger beers out there, but nobody does orange and passionfruit,” says Craig.

He says, “Our Hard Lemonade is made with real lemon juice and you can taste nature in it. There’s a difference between real lemon flavour and lemon soft drinks; real raspberries have a tartness to them; our ginger beer tastes like real ginger and not cordial — there’s a warmth to it.”

Image Credit :: Nicki Scenes

Big Twist by Big Shed Brewing can be enjoyed as is, but they recommend playing around with each one to find what works best for you. “Try it. And then try it with a dash of something else you like. Have it your way,” says Jason Harris, Co-Owner and Creator at Big Shed Brewing Co.


Hard Lemonade: For cake lovers, add a shot of Big Shed’s Golden Stout Time Vodka for a refreshing lemon cheesecake taste.

Raspberry Lemonade: Add fruit, cinnamon and rum (or prosecco) for the backbone of a homemade Sangria.

Ginger Beer: Serve with a slice of lemon in the summertime, or with a shot of Scotch whisky for that classic Whisky Mac.

Orange and Passionfruit: Add Big Shed’s Golden Stout Time Vodka and garnish with passionfruit pulp for a Twisted Martini.  Craig describes this one as “Pavlova in a glass” — POW!

Image Credit :: Nicki Scenes


Craig and Jason know that you can’t please everyone. Despite their popular range of beers, they know that there are plenty of people out there who don’t drink liquid gold… and they’re fine with that. “Big Shed’s always been about inclusivity,” says Craig.

They wanted to create something that’s fun and lets you make the most of those unexpected moments. Craig says, “We don’t cure cancer or solve world hunger, but what we create can put the full stop on a sh!t day, or an exclamation point on a great day!”



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