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:: 116 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

:: (08) 83670312



E for Ethel; adelady; adelaide cafe


E for excellent. This place has my heart. I now understand why EVERYONE speaks so highly about E for Ethel. Tucked away from trendy Melbourne Street, this café is light, bright, filled with colour and art. The staff are super friendly and also very accommodating for mums with angry babies. There are long tables for groups or smaller ones for parties of two or less. The owners, Amanda and Dan, are enormous supporters of pretty much everything good for you. Their products are all Australian, hand-made, sustainable and beautiful.

 E for Ethel; adelady; adelaide cafe

E for Ethel; adelady; adelaide cafe


Let’s start at the very beginning. The coffee. Their freckle lattes are delicious and HUGE. They’re served with a chocolate freckle that you dip into your coffee for the perfect melted mocha explosion in your mouth! Their food is simple, clean, always locally sourced and absolutely mouth-wateringly delish! With an ALL-DAY BREAKFAST MENU, you can wrap your lips around a few of these bad boys:

+ Smashed avocado on rye toast with a charred corn and feta salsa

+ Grilled haloumi on crumpets with spinach and mushroom

+ Sweet potato salad, mushrooms, baby beetroot, feta, lentils, spinach

+ Savoury bagel, avocado, tomato and Camembert

+ Hummus bagel, house-made pumpkin and herb hummus with tomato and dill

+ Bruschetta cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and feta on toasted rye

+ Pancakes with mixed berries, lemon sorbet OR maple and ice cream

+ Cranberry granola

E for Ethel; adelady; adelaide cafe

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Absolutely! I went there with my girlfriend and our 6-month old babies. We felt completely comfortable, even when they both lost their sh*t! There’s a corner with a bunch of highchairs to choose from and room for prams and strollers.

+ VIBE :: Bright, warm, cosy, playful

+ COFFEE :: 5 stars (or 6 if that’s possible)

+ FOOD :: 5 stars

Hayley xx

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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