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By Alicia Norton


I should probably start this by explaining that I am certainly not the most sophisticated of women; I buy my make-up from the supermarket and I wouldn’t even think twice about eating an entire Dominos Deep Crust all to myself. However, when I was offered the chance to try an eye enhancing treatment thanks to the excellent folk at Essential Beauty, I was intrigued.

Furthermore, when I found out that it would mean I could get flawless eyes without having to wear (and therefore remove) any eye make-up for at least two weeks, well that’s when this lazy girl was sold!


With visions of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian filling my mind, I decided that eyelash extensions would be the go for me.

I’ve always found stick on eyelashes to be the work of the devil – never have I ever been able to work those pesky, intricate little strips of confusion into the right position on my face, no. But if I could have someone else, someone with a steady hand and expert training do the job for me, well wouldn’t that be dandy!

My therapists name was Maddi and it is thanks to her expert knowledge and advice that I don’t currently that have a drag queen-esque look going on. I wanted BIG, you see. However, she thought that it would be more sensible to go for a natural look – so I followed her advice, thankfully. Maddi explained that lash extensions are becoming increasingly popular as clients are realising the convenience they provide and while I didn’t find lying down for an hour (after having stupidly consumed a large long black) particularly convenient, I could see her point.

Maddi also explained that eyelash perming is another great option for girls who already have nice lashes but want to add a bit of enhancement – she suggested this option for me next time (and yes, that was a subtle brag about my apparent beautiful natural lashes!)

So as I said, it took around an hour for the lashes to be applied and it was a pretty relaxing experience. Maddi explained that she has had clients fall asleep whilst she has applied lashes, gently snoring as she beautifies their eyes, and I could see why – lying there eyes closed I could barely feel a thing.

As I mentioned though, I’d consumed excess amounts of caffeine so sleep was not an option. Luckily Maddi was an excellent conversationalist and an absolute darling – we both talked at length about our love of weddings, she having been married late last year and I off to yet another friend’s wedding in a few days, still without a ring on my own finger *sigh* !

The time passed by quickly and soon I was sitting up and checking my damned fine reflection in the mirror. Needless to say, I was impressed and between me and you (all of Adelaide), every time I’ve caught sight of myself in any shinny reflection over these past few days I can’t help but congratulate myself on having such fetching eyes!


Maddi explained that after eyelash extensions, I wouldn’t be able to get my eyes wet for at least 24 hours. So the rom-com section on Netflix is a no go for a while and I’ll have to watch myself with those glasses of champagne at my buddies wedding this weekend, but I sure do have pretty peepers – and I’ll be going back again for more!

Thanks to the girls at Essential Beauty for making me feel like a lady!

Alicia xx

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