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By Hayley Pearson

Happiness is something we ALL want to find and grab onto with both hands. But sometimes, life gets in the way and all the stresses of just being an adult means our happiness takes a back-row seat.

So, we googled “Where are the happiest people in the world?” And what popped up? FIJI! And you won’t believe it, but GOOGLE WAS RIGHT!

We just spent 5 beautiful days in absolute paradise (flying direct from Adelaide to Fiji) to find what truly makes Fijians so happy. And mission complete – now we can share with you their secrets…


1. They’re not glued to their phones

In fact, even though they may have ‘Facebook’, they rarely check it. Why? Because they’re too busy living their lives. I have first-hand proof of this. I became bosom buddies with this beautiful lady Onsy, who has a wonderful job at Tourism Fiji. We became Facebook friends straight away, and she hasn’t been on it since… that was 14 days ago. They may check their social media at an internet cafe once or twice a fortnight, but apart from that – they live in the NOW.

2. They live amongst post-card views

It really is just like you see in the magazines and on postcards. And a Fijian sunset is next level no matter where you see it from — the beaches or the villages. They are so beautiful that they can actually make you tear up (with happy tears of course).

3. They say hello/ BULA to EVERYONE

Literally. Everyone! The hotel we stayed at even has a BULA MAN, whose job is to say in his big, smiley voice “BUUUUULA” to every single car that drives into the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. They say it with love and beautiful big white smiles.

I think we should all say “hello” to people more.

4. They live on Fiji time

Yes, this is a real thing. They don’t care for watches or schedules. And if they make them, they break them. Fijians go at their own pace and because they’re all on Fijian time, there’s no such thing as being late!

5. They put family before anything else

This is what I love most. They love to love and their family is everything. After chatting to lots of locals, they all told me that their grandmas taught them everything they know. From how to weave the perfect basket, to how to always be respectful and kind.

Having children and starting a family is very important to them and they thrive on passing down knowledge and their beautiful culture from the elders to the babes.

6. They don’t care for material things

Quote from our beautiful friend Onsy, “I don’t care about my fuzzy hair, all that matters is that I have a good heart.” Hear-hear!

The staff are all dressed up so beautifully in their uniforms for work, then go home to their simple huts and villages. As long as they’re surrounded by their family and great homemade food, they are happy.

They also welcome you with open arms as a guest into their villages and homes.

9. It’s balmy all the time

How can you possibly be mad when it’s 25 degrees and sunny outside?

10. Music makes their hearts sing

When you arrive at a hotel, they sing. When it’s your birthday, they sing. When you leave the hotel to fly home, they sing! You constantly have goose-bumps because it’s just so beautiful! Traditional music and dance is something I wish we had more of back home.

11. They embrace their culture

And it’s infectious. They have Kava ceremonies every night at 7pm — it’s Fiji’s most well-known social custom and if invited to try kava, don’t say no! You must accept the offering and embrace the ritual, it would be rude not to.

There you go, there are just 11 reasons why Fijians are the happiest and most lovely and kind people in the whole wide world. As I’m writing this, no joke, my heart is filled with SO much love for this place, I cannot wait to go back and take my fam-bam.

Now, let’s all take note, and sprinkle those happy vibes all over SA

Hayley x

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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