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We loooove finding inspirational Adeladies, and this one is really nailing it! Teagan owns a meal prep business, runs a cafe, caters for weddings and massive events… and is also a mum of three… and she’s only thirty-three!

Teagan is the foodie mastermind behind Vintage Chef Co., providing delicious, fresh (not frozen) meals for South Australians, delivered to your door within an 80km radius from the Barossa.

“I just want to make good food for the people of the Barossa and surrounding regions,” says Teagan. And she goes above on beyond. “We offer our wholesome classic meals, and for people who might be watching their waistline, we also offer a ‘clean eats’ version of the same meal.”

With so many friends and fam turning vegan, Teagan wanted to make sure they didn’t miss out, so she has developed a range of  ready-made delicious vegan meals for her cafe and online store.

I know for a fact that even people who looooove cooking, don’t have time to cook! So, to have freshly made meals, ready to go for when you get home from work or school pick-up, is absolutely ace!

And to make it even better, it’s super duper easy to order her meals online through her website. Check it out here!

While she has a gigantic industrial sized kitchen at her home where all the meal prep is done, Teagan has recently taken over the cafe at Chateau Yaldara, serving up a whopping menu packed full of flavour and options.

We ordered the nachos (which also come as a vegan version), the vegan burger (which was amazing), the pizza with homemade basil oil, and the slow-cooked pork ribs with fries and salad. And of course, a couple of Espresso Martinis… just because.

The menu is top-notch and cafe is perfect for a casual dining experience where you can bring the whole family! There’s even a whole room dedicated to kids, so you can eat in peace. AMEN!

The warm and inviting cafe overlooks the pond to one side with ducks frolicking about and the stunning estate, Chateau Yaldara on the other side. The whole venue is ideal for weddings and special events and, of course, Teagan caters for them too… yes, she creates the menus and manages the team who look after these big special-occasion events, and nails it!

“I’m so proud of my team, we’re all friends so there is a lot of respect for each other and our roles. We take great pride in the food we produce and with 22 weddings already locked in over the next 12 months, we’re always on the ball and make sure our guests leave smiling from ear to ear,” she says.

Her passion and love for what she does comes out in the very first “hello”. Teagan, you are an amazing Adelady! Thanks for filling our tummies and fridges with great food. Tonight I will not be having cereal for dinner! Woohooo!

Hayley x

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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