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Why smell like someone else when you can smell like YOU.

There is so much power in smell. Just a tiny whiff of a particular scent and you can be transported back to a day gone by. Elke Weeks has harnessed this sensory magic and turned it into a DIY candle and perfume studio in Kensington — introducing Red Rosie Scent Design Studio.

Image Credit :: Wayne Pearson

“I’m fascinated by the connection between scent, memories and emotions. Helping people to create a unique fragrance that makes them happy isn’t work for me — it’s a pleasure,” Elke beams.

Elke’s vibrant studio is filled with every scent you could dream of, and it’s open for anyone and everyone (beginners included!) to spend an hour or two creating their ideal perfume or candle. She’ll step you through the process and a little of the science behind it, and the rest is up to you — so, get creative!


Perfume has the power to leave a mark on the people around you — so make it a good one! The perfume workshop takes around two-and-a-half hours to complete and is a more intense and comprehensive session — but with a complimentary glass of bubbles to sip on, the time will fly by. You’ll leave with a lot more info about the art of perfume than you walked in with!

Elke will offer advice throughout the class and has carefully labelled all the scents under different perfume families, making it simple to distinguish between top, middle and base notes, and natural and manufactured materials. Anyone can take part, with aftershave on offer too — just start simple, then build your fragrance into something dreamy.

Image Credit :: Red Rosie


Your home is a reflection of you, so of course you want it to smell as delightful as you do! The candle workshops are all about having fun and experimenting, with 48 scents to mix and sniff until you find the perfect blend.

This class takes about an hour to complete, with a glass of bubbles thrown in for good measure, and by the end, you’ll have your very own candle waiting for collection.


The little things make all the difference, and Elke has thought of them all! “Once you’ve created your candle or perfume, we record it for you in your own file — so when you run out, you can reorder and we’ll have it waiting for you to collect with your very own personalised label,” Elke says.

Image Credit :: Wayne Pearson


Red Rosie Studio is open for anyone to book — so you can go solo, or take one or two friends. Or, in a fun twist, you can also book up to 24 people for a candle workshop, complete with champagne. Sounds like the perfect birthday or hen’s party to me! These workshops are also a great way to get your work team together for a midweek team building sesh.

You know what you like better than anyone else on the planet — so, use that power and create something that makes your day with every sniff.


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