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By Hayley Pearson

There is no known cause and no known cure.

3 out of 4 people are diagnosed before they’re 35.

Every person living with it, has a different outcome. You’ll never really know what your future holds.

I’m talking about MS — the most common chronic neurological condition affecting young Australian adults.

Everyone’s story is different, here’s Trish’s…



It was four years ago. At the time, everything in my life seemed perfect.

I’d set up a successful marketing business, my relationship with my partner Brad had never been better, and physically I’d never been fitter.

Then it all changed.

It started with what felt like a bit of a headache and blurred vision in my right eye. I didn’t think much of it, but when it didn’t go away I decided to visit my GP, who sent me to get some X-rays and put it down to a sinus headache.

But it didn’t get better.  My vision continued to get worse, to the point that I couldn’t see out of my right eye. Eventually, I asked my partner Brad to take me to the optometrist. Looking at the charts I saw nothing but a star shape. I was frightened; that’s when I realised something was very wrong.

I went straight to the hospital where they told me I had optic neuritis, this means that my body’s immune system was attacking the protective covering of my optic nerve.

I googled optic neuritis and found out that 85% of people who have it have MS – I convinced myself that I was one of the 15% who didn’t. Nobody wants to think they have an incurable condition.

That’s why it was such a shock when my neurologist gave me my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. It was devastating! I didn’t know what this meant for me and for my future.

Straight after my diagnosis I went to the MS Society where a nurse explained what my MS diagnosis might mean and really helped me cope with my diagnosis.

The past four years have been tough. I’ve had multiple MS relapses which caused severe pain, vision loss and of course fatigue. The horrible thing is they come and go with little or no warning – and there’s nothing I can do to stop them. But, with a lot of support and my own determination, I’m running my own business and living a full life.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me. But I do know that every ticket you buy in the MS Game Changer Lottery makes a huge difference to the people living with MS in South Australia. Half of the proceeds go to funding research into finding a cause and cure for MS, the other half goes to providing vital services and support.” — Trish

Now, imagine being able to make a difference and helping a beautiful young soul like Trish. Well, YOU CAN!

The MS Game Changer Lottery, is even bigger this year with a massive prize package valued at over $2.5 million!

Plus, for the first time, the Grand Prize winner will get to choose between a $1.6 million Metricon Home and Land Package or $1.5 million in cash! Holy crap, what would you choose?!



Your chances of winning are higher than you think too. With only 50,000 tickets available, it’s half the number of tickets available in other South Australian home lotteries!

Also, for those Early Bird lovers, you have the opportunity to choose between a Porsche 911 OR you can take $250,000 in cash!


Either way, You’ll be set for life! You have nothing to lose, and those living with MS have EVERYTHING to gain.

Tickets are on sale now

 Grand Prize value is $1.5 million or $1.6 million Metricon Home and Land Package

Early Bird prize value is $250,000

Odds of winning is 1 in 15

  You can buy them online here or over the phone, 1300 983 991

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