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This 6,000-year-old Italian sourdough recipe is gluten-friendly, so you’ll be FREE from that sluggish feeling after you eat!

When you meet inspiring people, a bit of their magic rubs off and you walk away feeling ready to conquer the world! That’s how we felt after dining at RoccoPizza on Findon Road. Rocco DeAngelis is a feeder by nature, and he’s on a mission to save the planet from bad pizza.


“Most people who suffer from yeast intolerance mistakenly go off wheat and pizza because of the bloating associated with processed food. The answer is sourdough with no yeast,” says Rocco. Highly processed pizza toppings also fuel that discomfort. But his wood-fired pizza bases and toppings contain no sugar, additives or preservatives. Even his dessert pizzas are made from natural ingredients, so you’ll leave happy — and so will your tum!

Image Credit :: Wayne Pearson

Imagine being able to eat as much pizza as you can, but without the need for a nap straight afterwards. If you’re wondering what Rocco’s secret is, he’ll gladly tell you…


This self-confessed pizza tragic found his calling after working as a senior business director for some of the biggest brands in the world. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy his work; he even became a certified chocolatier, simply to understand the product behind a brand he represented. But negotiating multi- million-dollar deals wasn’t his calling.


He travelled across Italy to learn an ancient sourdough recipe, before launching his pizza dream in Sydney. With his first restaurant up and running, he returned home to Adelaide to raise his family and build his business.


Image Credit :: Wayne Pearson


Do what makes you happy!

Twenty years later, this paper-pushing- global-negotiating-chocolatier has the Ferrari of pizza ovens to deliver hundreds of gluten-friendly pizzas a night. Rocco’s Ferrari oven can cook a pizza in 90 seconds. Correction: eight pizzas at the same time in 90 seconds! Bright red neon lights, akin to a rocket launch, count down before a delicious pizza is on a cooling rack and ready to be cut with scissors. That’s enough time to find your table and grab a drink. And you read that correctly: scissors!

“The traditional way of using scissors is a lot easier, as you can cut your slices exactly to size,” says Rocco. The pizzas go from the oven to a cooling rack to allow the steam to evaporate and prevent them from going soggy.


Hold. Fold. Eat. Repeat!

“We’re on the precipice of greatness, where we appreciate the good stuff,” says Rocco. The last 20 years have shown that Australians know good coffee and now, are starting to understand good pizza, too. He says, “What happened with coffee and baristas is about to happen with pizza, as people learn to make authentic pizza with Italian sourdough”.

He can show anyone how to end that uncomfortable feeling after eating pizza. He taught our kids, 7 and 10, how to prepare perfect gluten-friendly, authentic Italian sourdough pizza bases in five minutes flat!

RoccoPizza is different to anything you’ve experienced before. The menu’s stacked and his finishing touches are next level. If you love chilli, try his homemade honey-balsamic-chilli drizzled over a gorgonzola cream cheese pizza. Or, the tuna pizza. For Italians, tuna is like chicken is to us, and when it’s on pizza, you won’t regret it!


Image Credit :: Wayne Pearson


No ham and pineapple!

Rocco doesn’t serve ham and pineapple. If you don’t believe me, check out his website or his staff aprons — it’s right there, embroidered above the bib. He knows good pizza, but he also knows that everyone’s different. If there’s something you want and it’s not on his menu, he’ll add it to your pizza. If you want onion, bring one in; if you want rabbit, he’ll make it work; and if you want pineapple, just make sure it’s not tinned because he only serves fresh food to his customers!


RoccoPizza has licensed restaurants in Kidman Park and Fulham Gardens. You can dine in, pick up, or get RoccoPizza and desserts delivered to your door via UberEats and Deliveroo.




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