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There’s nothing quite like the unconditional, devoted love between a pet and their owner. When you know, you know!

Beyond the constant pats, cuddles and baby-talk, the team at Doggy Grub have given us a real and tangible way to show our love with their preservative free and fresh nutritional meal toppers. 

An idea born from the love of their rescue dog; owners Lachlan Mcgough and Candice Ollivier weren’t satisfied with the highly processed commercial dog food that was on offer. Aware of other pet owner concerns like allergies, picky eaters, and obesity they really wanted a simple solution like the ones we use for ourselves — fresh food. And we’re so glad they found one! 

“This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of an entire diet,” assures Candice. “We’ve developed a product that can be used exclusively for meals or used in conjunction with pre-existing diets as support.”

Doggy Grub casseroles use 100% fresh and human-grade ingredients, sourced locally here in Australia and were developed alongside vets and pet nutritionists, so you know it’s good. They’re full of high-quality proteins like chicken and kangaroo, paired with nutrient rich veggies and fruits as well as superfoods like chia seeds, spirulina and seaweed. We even asked our Adelady pets for their thoughts and had some really paw-sitive feedback!

The best bit of all, of course, is seeing the health benefits of our pets eating fresh foods. Expect to see improved digestion, healthy and shiny coats, revived energy, reduced skin allergies and general happiness you can cash in as more of those cuddles we talked about earlier. 

Doggy Grub is super easy to buy online too and there’s even a sample pack you can get to try them out. Once you’re hooked like our doggos are, you can then either buy on their one-time purchase option or subscribe and have repeat delivery sorted for you. So simple!


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