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From the bright lights of Broadway to the city of churches, Disney’s hit musical Frozen, has FINALLY arrived in Adelaide and we couldn’t be more excited! Look, I might be slightly obsessed with musical theatre but let me tell you, this show is world-class and up there with the best of the best. 

From the moment the stage lights up, you can feel the electricity in the room from the audience’s excitement. With a star studded cast who never miss a beat, you’ll be truly mesmerised for the full two and a half hour show. 

So, allow me to enter centre stage and I tell you why you should fulfil your musical heart and see this spectacular show, Frozen The Musical!

1. From the screen to the stage

Okay, I bet you’ve seen the movie, you know the songs, you have your favourite character (it’s probably Anna or Olaf?) and you feel a child-like connection to this famous fairytale. Well, watching it on a screen is one thing… but seeing it come to life with incredible production, costumes, lights, music, acting and everything in between — it’s like nothing else! You’ll laugh unexpectedly (Olaf and young Anna are sooo funny), you’ll smile with joy (at the sisterly bond), and you might even shed a tear along the way. Either way, you’ll be moved — I can guarantee it. 

2. Still pinching ourselves

It’s been far too long since we’ve been able to do this. It feels like a real treat actually going out and enjoying a night at the theatre with friends! It’s not just a theatre production either, it’s a fully immersive experience — getting dressed up, meeting your besties in the iconic red foyer of the Adelaide Festival Centre and having a drink and a gas-bag at interval. God, I’ve missed that! 

3. The city has Frozen over

Adelaide has fully embraced Frozen The Musical by freezing over and two of our fave places have turned blue with glee. Just across the road from the venue, 2KW is the perfect before or after show bar, where you can enjoy a special Frozen cocktail and really get into the mood. Hotel Indigo has gone a step further and added delicious blue food to their menu. I mean, who turns linguine blue? Hotel Indigo does! Why not make a night of it and stay the night in the heart of our beautiful city and have dinner AND a show — the perfect combo right? 

4. The moment that’ll move you

Oh there’s many of ‘those’ moments. All eyes are on Elsa, as actor Jemma Rix belts out her incredible rendition of Let It Go. It’s impossible not to join in and with so many air-punch moments, you’ll forget you’re in the audience and instead you’ll become part of the show. 

5. The Broadway quality

Disney doesn’t do things by halves so you can expect to be amazed and absolutely blown away by the set design, lights and of course the special effects. There’s snow, there’s ice that spurts out of Elsa’s hands (don’t ask me how on earth they do that), there are blizzards, mountains to climb and costume changes that look like magic. 

Frozen The Musical is here in Adelaide for a limited time only, so do what we did, grab your sisterhood and book tickets HERE!

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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