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There comes a day when you’re excited by a good vacuum and an empty washing basket. Excitement has a new name — organisation!

It’s a rite of passage. Once you find yourself bingeing The Home Edit and Marie Kondo, you know you’ve hit peak adulthood — and there’s so much to embrace. Everyday little things have you giggling like a schoolgirl, and then you discover Howards Storage World Mile End, with all its clever and quirky products, and it’s go time, baby!

You walk in not really needing anything, and walk out wondering how you lived without the products you’ve found. With over 4,000 items instore, their range of top-quality organisational products will streamline any area of your home, with everything from food storage to the kit to fit out a wardrobe or wine cellar. Touché!

Imagine a knife that cuts tomatoes with precision and never squishes them. A peg basket that keeps pegs dry, suction bathroom caddies that stay stuck, a motion sensor bin (so you don’t have to touch any grossness), storage containers to sort everything from hair bands to mapping out the most handsome pantry you’ve ever laid eyes on, or a spin-mop that gets you in a frenzy about cleaning day! Yep, this is the stuff that excites me these days (and just a few of my recent purchases). I’m totally geeking out over the gadgets that help the daily grind run smoothly and alleviate the stress of a messy abode. Owned and operated by Dave and Briar Strutton for 15 years, the Mile End store has won Howards’ Franchise Store of the Year three times — so congrats, SA, on being the most organised bunch in the nation! They even have a range of products you’ll see on Netflix’s hit show, The Home Edit.

“We use heaps of the products in our own home, so we can genuinely talk about them. Our flagship range from elfa (a Swedish shelving system) is in just about every room in our house. It can be used to fit out a single drawer to an entire wardrobe, is flexible and adaptable (and can even be taken with you if you move), requires minimal fixing to the wall, is easy to install and the quality is guaranteed,” Briar says.


Problem solved!

Can’t store all your shoes or handbags? Wasting money on takeout when you’ve got a full pantry but can’t see what’s what? The Howards crew is all about helping you to find solutions. “Our team is super experienced — many have been with us for over 10 years — so they’ve seen or heard just about everything! If there’s not an off-the-shelf solution, they can think outside the box and creatively solve your storage issues. And you can DIY, or we can install it for you.”

Baby, work it!

Between kids, work, friends and fun, life is hectic. Howards Storage World makes sure you can maximise the hours in a day! It can feel shameful to admit, but even the most meticulous of us could use a few hints on running a tighter ship. Becoming a Howards member (it’s free, BTW), gets you invited to VIP and Christmas shopping events and monthly workshops, where you get the scoop on sorting out problem areas in your home or office.

There are workshops on organising your kitchen, wardrobe, shed and garage, and the uber popular Downsizing and Decluttering Workshop. For $20, you get two hours of life-changing advice (plus $20 to redeem instore, a goody bag and tips and tricks to take home).

“Our workshops are about making life easier with a calm and organised space, so you can feel good internally. Decluttering can be quite therapeutic, and sometimes you don’t realise the emotional burden that things have on you until you learn how to consciously choose what you surround yourself with. There’s so much to learn about getting the most from a space and making it right for you. We present different ways of looking at your possessions, and most importantly, how to responsibly let go of things that you no longer love or need.”

Go on! Get on the ultra-organised train at Howards — it’s like the adults’ version of Disneyland and we’re ready to ride!

Em Worthington

Em Worthington

Writer and Content Creator for Adelady, her heart starts racing at the sight of a whiteboard or mere mention of a brainstorm.

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