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You might be familiar with the term “trend-setter”. Well, I’m the polar opposite — I’m a self-confessed trend-follower. For me though, it’s not about clothes or shoes or hairstyles (this was a blessing when bangs came back in — that would have been a woeful mistake for me).

I live for interior design trends. You’ll see me changing the throw pillows on my couch almost as often as I change my undies. Ok, maybe thats an exaggeration, but if I COULD have new throw pillows every day then I’d be happy as a clam. Perusing the IKEA catalogue is my guilty pleasure. I’m addicted to house makeover shows. I take mental notes of my stylish friend’s decor and unashamedly copy them — sorry Hayley.

When CENTURY 21 shared their predictions for interior design trends in 2019, you can bet your bottom dollar that I made plans to redecorate my apartment in .02 seconds flat. It’s lucky you’ve caught me on a good day, because I thought I’d share these trends with you guys too, instead of keeping them all for myself….

Minimalism takes over

For this one I say thanks to my Queen, Marie Kondo, and her whole “sparking joy” attitude. Minimalism is a must — not only will it make you trendy AF, but it will also make you tidy because there is no room for clutter. Keep the furniture simple, decorations to a minimum, and don’t go too overboard with your colour scheme.

Visual and sensory textures

Gone are the days of white acrylic, topped with more white acrylic, and finished off with a dash of white acrylic. It’s all about mixing leather with wood textures, fluffy with flat, pattern with plain. Don’t be afraid to mix and match — just limit yourself to three different textiles in one room to avoid looking like a furniture store showroom.

Statement vanities

Get vain about your vanity, and choose one that makes a statement in the room instead of blending into the general decor. It doesn’t have to be a whole new piece — you can upgrade your current look with a new sink design or an interesting tap style. While vanities need to be practical, they can also be pretty. If you make your bathroom vanity the feature, you won’t need to incorporate design and colour in other ways which reiterates point one: minimalism!

Pastel colours in the kitchen

For me, it all started with a bright red toaster. Then, I dialled things back and focussed on plain stainless steel appliances. Now, we’re all about the pastel colours in the kitchen, and I’m LIVING for this look. The best thing about pastel colours is you can mix and match and they still look rad together, so if you’re tossing up between the pale pink kitchen aid and the baby blue kettle — you can have both!

Glazed square handmade tiles and coloured glass object pieces

This is a great way to sneak in those extra textures, plus it feels a little fancy knowing your feature pieces are handmade. There are literally thousands of colours to choose from, and you can make it work for your kitchen or bathroom splash backs. Another interesting way to work in this design is to build it into your outdoor area — glass is an easy material to clean behind the barbecue. If building with glass isn’t in your realm, then why not pick up an interesting feature item to put on your side board or bench that is made of glass?

To wrap this up, let me leave you with a secret trick of mine. Check out the CENTURY 21 website and social media pages to see how they’re styling their display homes — they get it right every. single. time.

If I’m loving these 2019 design trends this much, I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store… I better start saving now!

Millie xx


Millie Looker

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