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Born and bred in Adelaide, I’ve spent many a night on the town. But after a couple of rug rats and a few life changes I’m at a loss when friends ask where’s good to meet for a cheeky drink.

Is The Havey on a Thursday still cool? Sizzler buffet bar still around?

Enter Adelaide Bar Boys! Local lads, Branden and Nathan have embraced a love for our world-class small bar scene and are set to take you on an exceptional night out.

Adelaide Bar Boys — Branden and Nathan  |  Image :: @adlbarboys

We were lucky enough to be front row for one of their Hidden Bar tours and it was the bomb!

Inspired by their gallivanting around Europe, Adelaide Bar Boys found that their best discoveries abroad always relied on a little inside info from locals.

Tired of hearing the misconception that “there’s nothing to do in Adelaide” the guys are proud to showcase some of Adelaide’s best kept secrets waiting behind an ordinary looking door or beyond a stock-standard set of stairs.

Setting off from the east end of town, all six venues are within walking distance. Some are so hidden, only the boys can get you access to explore.

Even if you’ve already got the low down on any of these hidden gems, rocking up with Adelaide Bar Boys takes it to another level.

The boys do the thinking for you, so all that’s left to do is mingle.

You’ll feel like royalty as the guys usher you to the best seats in the house to sink into a signature cocktail from each venue. Not to mention platter upon platter of delectable tapas full to the brim with SA’s finest produce. No need to stress about what to order, where to sit, or awkwardly mosey around seeking out the loos.

The best part? Exploring our city with two down-to-earth lads will have you soaking up bits of local history and trivia and quite simply, falling in love with Rads all over again.

With a contagious energy, Branden and Nathan will make you feel right at home. They’re there to have a blast and from the first pop of bubbles, we were chin wagging like we’d all known each other for years.

It’s perfect for a unique night out for groups of up to 10, or dive right in and meet all new buddies by going on a joint tour.

I’d love to tell you more about our fun filled Adelady adventure with Adelaide Bar Boys… but that would spoilt the mystery.

And if surprises aren’t up your alley, saddle up for Adelaide Bar Boys Whiskey Tour or Gin Tour for a top night out sipping the finest our city has to offer.

Adelaide Bar Boys Gin Tour  |  Image :: @adlbarboys

Whether you’re keen to rejuvenate your list of haunts or have special visitors in town, a tour with Adelaide Bar Boys won’t disappoint!

It’s a good time that can’t be bottled and an adventure you’re unlikely to forget.

Em xx


Em Worthington

Em Worthington

Writer and Content Creator for Adelady, her heart starts racing at the sight of a whiteboard or mere mention of a brainstorm.

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