The period of time between Christmas and New Years Eve is unlike any other time of year. I call it “The Lost Days” because to me, it feels like an alternate universe where days don’t matter, schedules don’t stick, and my cares are zero to none.

Even my body language is saying “I have no idea what’s going on”.

The best part is that (nearly) everyone around me is in the same boat, so even they aren’t asking for anything from me. For 6 sweet, sweet days I have NO WHERE to be and NOTHING to do. Ahhh… bliss.

I find that every year, “The Lost Days” pass by in a similar routine. Each day has a new vibe… and for me, it goes something like this x


Boxing Day barely fits the criteria of a “Lost Day” because I still have places to be for family lunch. BUT, this day still involves copious amounts of leftover ham and eating gifted chocolate for breakfast so in my books, it’s the launch party of “The Lost Days”.


Day 2: the 27th of December

Now THIS is what I live for. I blatantly refuse to make plans in advance on the 27th, and honestly you’re lucky if I can even summon the energy to reply to a text. If it’s hot (which, let’s face it, it usually is a scorcher in Adelaide) then you’ll find me lying by the pool for 98% of the day. The other 2% will be spent standing in the door of the fridge, searching for more leftover ham.

Day 3: the 28th of December

By now, I’m usually starting to feel guilty about all the “relaxing” that I’ve been doing. So, I tend to set myself one simple task to complete during the course of the day (perhaps tackling the crowds for some speed-shopping in the sales?). However, there’s one strict rule here — if the task doesn’t get done, then no worries. That’s what tomorrow is for.

Day 4: the 29th of December

To be completely honest with you, this is my least favourite of “The Lost Days” because I start to get itchy feet. So, I clean everything in sight and start to bring some sort of meaning back into my life. For example, without the 29th of December you wouldn’t have this article. You’re welcome. I also usually start to feel the need to broaden my horizons beyond my (bloody awesome) family and actually make some solid plans with friends. Luckily, it’s still the holidays so those plans can continue to revolve around an aperol spritz.

Day 5: the 30th of December

Can you feel it? There’s a buzz in the air that NEW YEARS EVE is just a day away. Motivation and energy levels have returned to normal and it’s time to get out there and do all those things that I always want to do, but never have time for. I might be a bit biased, but most of my inspiration comes from this very website. I highly recommend going for a drive to any of the stunning SA regions, or just checking out some of the latest places to eat, drink and be merry. There’s also a bunch of cool s**t happening around RADelaide, so check out some of those events. The opportunities are endless — this year, I’m going cockling at Goolwa for the day!

Day 6: the 31st of December

Here it is — the final day of 2019, and your last chance to get everything out of your system before you start fresh in 2020. Over the years I’ve been to parties and events and celebrations, and they’re all a bunch of fun. But my personal favourite way to celebrate the end of a brilliant year and ring in a new one is with my favourite people in the world. So I opt for a quiet(ish) BBQ with my fam and friends.

From here, I hate to break it to you, but “The Lost Days” are over. Resolutions begin, routines start up again. The Christmas ham is probably gone by now.

The good news is that you’ve got a whole new year ahead of you, full of challenges and excitement and adventures. You can start fresh, or keep building on the A+ life you’re leading. By this stage, I usually feel inspired and reenergised, and I tend to miss my Pineapples and can’t wait to get back to work (don’t tell them though!)

2019 was an epic year.

2020 is going to be EVEN BETTER.

Happy Lost Days everyone xxx

This pic has nothing to do with the article, I just really like it. 

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