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Hanging at Betty’s Burgers. It doesn’t get any better!

It all started with an Insta post a few months ago. I shared a photo of Hayley and Lauren celebrating the backbone of Adelady — their friendship. The out pouring of love was instant and a brilliant reminder of how important friendships are.

So, we asked all of YOU to share your besties with us. And that’s when Betty’s Burgers came on board with a comment…

“More of this please!!! Your genuine care for each other is seriously so inspiring. We LOVE BESTIES, they really do make the world go around. Cheeky idea… should we invite all of SA’s besties to Betty’s and have a partyyy?”

Of course, the answer was a big YES. Hundreds of people wrote in, sharing stories of their most treasured friendships. Our team spent hours reading them all, sparking so many conversations about our own besties. But finally, we narrowed it down to five fabulous BFFs.

We invited them along to a photoshoot to celebrate friendship. Betty’s Burgers Hyde Park generously kept us all fully stocked with burgers and onion rings, as we spent one glorious morning swapping stories and making new friends. Without further ado, we’d like you to meet our besties…

Hayley and Lauren | image credit: Jodi Nash

Fiona and Rosina

Eight years ago, Rosina and Fiona both had boyfriends (now husbands) that knew each other. But that’s not the real love story here! “It started with lots of double dates and now we spend every weekend together. We shop together most weekends and we’ve got our first trip together to see the Jonas Brothers. We can’t wait,” smiles Rosina. “We’ve been through so many big life events together. We both got engaged and married, we finished uni and now I’m pregnant with my first baby. It’s been so special to go through all of these big moments with Rosina by my side,” says Fiona. This is just the beginning. These two besties have a lifetime of friendship ahead of them, with plenty of dinner dates and board game nights to look forward to.

Fiona and Rosina | image credit: Jodi Nash

Renee and Jessica

Jessica and Renee are about as close as you can possibly get to another human — they’re identical twins! “The only time we’ve ever been apart was in grade three when we were split into different classes. We’ve worked together, we’ve lived together, we’ve done it all,” says Jessica. And now, Jessica is mum to two beautiful kiddos, making Renee the ultimate aunty. “I think of her kids as my kids. I just love them so much, we still do sleepovers and it’s always just so special.” Their bond goes well beyond your average friendship. “People think it’s crazy, but we can sense when the other person is upset. When Renee was over in Bali, I could just feel when something wasn’t right — and one text to her confirmed that I was spot on,” says Jessica. As for any other perks of being besties with your identical twin? “I don’t buy clothes, I’ve got Renee’s wardrobe,” laughs Jessica.

Angela and Cassandra

Work besties! They met back in 2004when they were posted to Port Augusta as part of the police force. Their housing was on the same street, so when Cassandra stopped by to welcome Angela, “We did some friendship flirting. And we’ve been best friends ever since,” Cassandra laughs. “It’s just easy. There’s no pretence, no competition, we can talk about everything and nothing. She’s always the first person I call,” says Angela. They’ve always lived near each other, had kids at the same time, got married at the same time and even had a joint honeymoon in Europe!Once the shoot was over, we left these two besties deep in conversation and drinking Betty’s rosé. Now that’s friendship!

Image credit: Jodie Nash | left: Renee and Jessica | right: Angela and Cassandra

Raelene and Kathy

We all left the shoot thinking, when we grow up, we want to be just like Raelene and Kathy! They’ve been friends for 71 years, ever since their first day of school. And when they graduated, they both got jobs together at the Port. “When we were working, we’d meet up for lunch. Then afterwork, I’d get home and run to the phone box and call Raelene! It’s not like we had anything more to say, but somehow we always had something to chat about,” says Kathy. “We’ve done everything together: pilates, yoga, gymnasia, adult tap dancing. It’s so much easier to do new things when we’ve got each other,” says Raelene. These girls had everyone in stitches throughout the day. They finish each other’s sentences, erupt into giggles and tell some incredible stories that honestly can’t be repeated in print.

Nicci and Amy

At a glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking these girls were sisters! They became fast friends on a uni study tour to America many moons ago and are celebrating a big moment in their friendship — after five years of Nicci living in Queensland, she’s back in SA! “When she called to say that she was moving home, I instantly started crying happy tears. I just kept saying, ‘She’s coming home, she’s coming home!’” says Amy. “We stayed in contact over the last five years and Amy visited me every year. Now I’m back, we’re continuing the traditions we started in Queensland— like weekly burger dates,” says Nicci. Seeing these two together, it’s like no time has passed. They’re still as close as ever, proving once and for all that love knows no distance.

Image credit: Jodie Nash | left: Raelene and Kathy | right: Nicci and Amy

Here’s cheers to our besties! And take this as your friendly reminder to book in a date with your bestie at Betty’s Burgers.


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