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We get it. There are just not enough hours in the day to tick everything off of your to-do list. Over the years though, we’ve become quite the professionals at multi-tasking. Our top tip? Learn how to one-stop-shop like the boss babe that you are. And lucky for us, Avenues Shopping Centre has everything you need to do just that!

Need to breathe some new life into your hair and nails? Avenues Shopping Centre.

Need a caffeine boost? Avenues Shopping Centre.

Need a feel-good lunch spot? A gift? A tasty snack?… well, you get the idea!

To convince you that we’re telling the truth, here are some totally hypothetical situations that prove the Avenues Shopping Centre really is your one-stop-shop.

Your bestie just had a baby…

The opportunities are endless for this one! Run in and pick up a congratulatory card or gift from Avenues Newsagency & Gifts or the Post Office, a bunch of stunning flowers from Flowers by Definition, plus some raw fish from Sushi Train or Miyabi Sushi and a bottle of wine from Booze Brothers because MAN OH MAN you’ve missed your drinking buddy, and get yourself to the hospital for delicious baby snuggles quick-smart.

The guy who’s hopefully the future father of your children calls…

Your head says “just friends” but your heart says “marry me next Tuesday, please”. You’re looking to impress the guy, so pick up some fresh ingredients from Metropolitan Fresh and Bruce’s Meats & Poultry Options to whip up a romantic meal for two, book an appointment to fix your claws and paws at Avenues Nails and Beauty, visit Hair on the Avenues for a new “do”, and if you’re feeling really ambitious then pop to Priceline Pharmacy to get some new lippy and lashes.

You desperately need to ask your parents to babysit next Saturday night… 

One word: bribery. Firstly, grab some pastries from Cibo to sweeten up your Pops, then present your mama bear with a gift voucher to Avenues Massage in exchange for the night of babysitting. We guarantee she’ll find it hard to say no to the promise of a deep tissue massage. If you’re really getting the guilts, book in to spoil her with lunch at Avenues Cafe and Bar and make it a full-blown girl’s day out.

Your kids are driving you up the wall and you need to get them out of the house before you go crazy!

Nothing fixes a full-blown meltdown like a scoop of frozen yoghurt from The Yoghurt Shop. While they’re happily licking their cone, suck down some caffeine from Drunk’n’Coffee and practise your deep breathing techniques.

You’ve had a monumentally crappy day and you need something, ANYTHING, to lift your spirits… 

Easy. There’s not a lot that Honey Chicken from Chelicious Tumbler or a big serving of chips and gravy from Avenues Chicken and Seafood can’t fix — you’ll be feeling better in no time. And if that doesn’t work, we highly recommend heading into Flight Centre and escaping all your worries with a fab trip overseas. Ha! We wish…

So, there you go! Like I said earlier — Avenues Shopping Centre has got you covered… hypothetical or otherwise.

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

Writer, Content Creator, Events Manager and Operations sensation, she’s the backbone to ensuring Adelady runs like clockwork.

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