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Guest Blog by Reyes

13226753_10154185556742392_6889254133163442603_nPhotography by Meaghan Coles Photography via The Races SA

With some of the state’s most prestigious and glamorous races upon us again it’s time to pop on the millinery and hit the track. (You can check out upcoming race days here).

We spoke to Reyes; wine marketing maestro and all-round super stylish chick, for her tricks of the trade for staying fresh and maintaining your composure while at day time drinking events.

If it was me, I’d be running down the track barefoot by midday. That is why I am not giving this advice.

Hayley x


When you are at events (and especially when there is alcohol) it’s definitely hard to drink as much water as you usually would and stay on top of your water intake — so you can get dehydrated pretty quickly. I keep some little sachets of Hydralyte in my bag; you can just pop it into your glass or bottle of water and it will help replenish some of the electrolytes and nutrients our body loses when you are not getting enough water.


These for me are an essential when at the races (or park events) to stop from getting red itchy eyes or irritated skin. Often when you’re at big outdoor events the air gets really dusty from all those thousands of feet trekking about which can turn into a runny nose and sneezing rather promptly. If you are prone to hay-fever like me. Itchy red eyes and a runny nose is definitely not the most endearing look for being out in public, so I always keep some on hand just incase.


This may seem obvious but it is key…moisturize, exfoliate, line and apply with a brush. Once you have your perfect pout in order, try and sip from the same spot on your glass; this will not only keep your lipstick in place for longer but will also help stop you from smearing it back into the corners of your mouth and making yourself look like the joker.


Ok so I am not exactly sure what the real name for these are? Flosser Toothpicks maybe? They are a constant presence in my handbag; in my job I do a lot of wine tastings and attend a lot of events so the struggle to keep wine teeth at bay is a real one. Anyone that has had a glass (or 4) of red wine knows the dreaded wine stained teeth debacle. These little things are great; you can just use them you pop to the bathroom and voila; nobody will know how much red wine you drank. The WhiteGlo ones are my favourite


If you are like me and tend to react to some types of alcohol  and sometimes get a bit of an over eager rosey glow after a few drinks (or when you are cooped up in a crowded space); a facial mist can be a Godsend. My staple is L’Occitane Hydrating Mist – a few spritzes on your face will soothe and freshen your skin immediately.

Good luck Adeladies! Try and kep your heels on!

Reyes x

:: Feature image credit : Photography by Meaghan Coles Photography via The Races SA ::

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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