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Mrs Peggs will make you love your life in the laundry a little bit more.

For over 26 years, Mrs Peggs Handy Line has been making lives easier in Australian homes. This may not be an introduction to you at all, but we’ve just discovered it and we’re obsessed!

Image credit: Wayne Pearson

Adelaide based and invented, the Mrs Peggs Handy Line is total convenience personified. The ordering process is smooth-sailing, and any questions can be answered by their Gold Star Customer Service team. Each Handy Line comes fully assembled — we quite literally slid ours straight out of the box, folded the legs straight out and clicked them into place and it was good to go, which is perfect if you have a genuine phobia of flat packs. It’s the ideal replacement for that big, bulky clothesline hanging off the side of your house or that pesky rotary hoist that needs to be mowed around and avoided by the kids as they play.

I wish we knew about Mrs Peggs Handy Line years ago. We’re limited on space and as we all know, not everything can go into or survive the clothes dryer. Our now-redundant and back-breakingly low clothes horse had to be moved upstairs because our darling dachshund thought the dangling clothes were a toy designed for her amusement, so often our dining chairs and bar stools were decorated with clothes and undies, providing a stunning aesthetic for our poor visitors. Mrs Peggs has solved that problem, too!

Mrs Peggs range of five Handy Lines is designed for all living situations. The height options of the Handy Line make it a total breeze for tall people like myself to hang out the laundry, rather than bending over to put tiny little baby socks on the bottom row of a clothes horse. All designs can hold large towels and even queen-sized bed sheets — just fold them in half length-ways and peg to the line!

Image credit: Wayne Pearson

If you’re not super tall, have limited mobility or are a wheelchair user, the Easy 8 is a lower line — it weighs only two-and- a-half kilograms and has the ability to hold a good two loads of washing. It’s also low enough to comply with balcony drying restrictions, meaning apartment dwellers can get in on the action, too!

Larger family and more washing? No worries. Mrs Peggs Handy Line Deluxe 10 is still ultra lightweight and can impressively hold more than two loads, including your king-sized sheets over the 16 metres of drying space. There’s a Handy Line to suit your lifestyle and living conditions and investing in one will pay off for years to come — especially considering the electricity savings now your dryer is virtually redundant.

Being so lightweight and portable, Mrs Peggs Handy Line can go wherever you want — even with your washing still pegged on. With many customers still in possession of their original line more than 20 years later, these durable godsends can be moved between rooms, outside in the sun, left in the garage and even taken on camping trips. When you’re finished, just fold it up and stack it anywhere you like or hang it on the Handy Hooks on the back of your laundry door. See, convenience!

Browse the entire range of Mrs Peggs Handy Lines from the comfort of your current Netflix binge and don’t forget to check out their Handy Pegs, which have an easy opening action for arthritic finger joints. They even have Afterpay, ZipPay and PayPal available, so you can pay your preferred way.

Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, there’s a Mrs Peggs Handy Line solution for everyone — dry it now!

What are you waiting for?

If you’re dreaming of owning a Mrs Peggs Handy Line yourself or think it would make a great housewarming gift for a friend, have we got news for you! Use the code ADELADY on any Mrs Peggs Handy Line online purchase and receive delivery and a 36 pack of Handy Peggs for free. And if you buy two Handy Lines, you’ll save $40!


Mrs Peggs Handy Lines are NDIS, DVA and My Aged Care registered.

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